Riga, Latvia prejudice

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Sometimes it's like hitting your head against a brick wall. Every day there's some news story about yet another bunch of homophobes trying to destroy us. The latest controversy being whipped up seems to be coming from Riga, Latvia because the Mayor of London sent a message of support to the organisers of Riga Gay Pride and the fact that they have been twinned with our very successful and influential London Pride event.

The sad thing is they are just so transparent. They are reacting with homophobia of the highest degree because they are scared. Since joining the EU they've managed to plod along quietly avoiding sanctions despite their very non-EU-like behaviour, and now they've got the spotlight on them. Rather than admit they are bigoted bastards, once AGAIN they roll out the religious bandwagon giving themselves an excuse to physically and verbally attack other human beings based on their sexuality. It's absolutely appalling. And now they are scared, and like most animals backed into a corner, they are lashing out. What's really funny though is they have imported American homophobes to Latvia in order to support their anti-gay sentiment. I have a lot of faith though that this is an act of desperation, I think governmentally imposed homophobia is going to start being demolished in Latvia not least because their overreaction has caused so much attention that human rights groups and governments of other countries are not ever going to stop until Latvia reforms its backwards thinking.

One of the American homophobes really astounded me. He's written a book called, 'The Pink Swastika- Homosexuality in the Nazi Party'. Can you believe it? It actually claims that "homosexualism" gave birth to Nazi imperialism and was the cause of the Holocaust. Erm. Right. That must have been why gays were exterminated too.

I mean really, I always think I've heard the most ludicrous homophobic argument and then a new one just waits for me round the corner.

But I'm tired. I'm so tired of all this hatred, it's just this never ending circle of bullshit. The argument FOR gay people has been laid out on the table and accepted by most intelligent western societies as valid, and the wheels of equality are (albeit slowly) turning. But then there are these countries that see the argument and simply deny it's correct. Their reasoning is crap beyond belief, but nevertheless they stand by it despite all logic. How can you fight against an enemy like that? One that just simply refuses to see the facts laid out in front of them.

*bangs head on wall*


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Oh I remember reading a

Oh I remember reading a properly insane excert/ article from that I think. I'll find it.


Reproduced in that well known scholarly history journal... life and liberty ministeries.

And here's some reveiws

The only one of the reveiwers listed that seemed to have any accademic credentials in this field at all , was 'Hillmar [sic] von Campe'. I decided to look up a little more about this historian, who it turns out is almost certainly Hilmar von Campe.

A quick glace through his essays reveal that "Liberals in reality are Socialists, they are not true Americans as far as I am concerned. They may not necessarily be a conscious part of the conspiracy, but they are part of their immorality, their concepts and lust for power, which are expressions of hard-core Socialism. But the appeaser of treason is no better than the traitor, both are liars who covet other people's money and property and sponsor all and every immoral cause hostile to our creator." and that "People committed and obedient to the absolute truth of God will solve every last problem in the world and free humanity from the stranglehold of lies. "

The book suprise, suprise is propaganda and not accademia. One look at the article I'd linked and you can see it's riddled with inaccuracies, half truths and misleading figures. All historians have an agenda, but the rigours of scholarship should enable the core research to stand in its own right alongside the historian's own politics. I have nothing against polemic, but it shouldn't try to pass itself of as objective truth. It's not the homophobia that upsets me it's the intellectual dishonesty which makes the authors irredemable cunts.

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Ah yes welcome to this glorious world. The EU will probably deal with it. Eventually...

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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Are you fucking kidding me !

Are you fucking kidding me ! Homosexuality causing the disgusting things the Nazi's did! That's bull. I strongly dislike people like that. I think I'll go come down now, sorry for swearing.