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I just wrote something and then I was stupid and pressed a button and the stuff I just wrote is gone.. But I'm in a good mood so I'll just write it again. Whatever...

So, Sora slept over. No sisters this time. It was nice, though a little awkward here and there. Sometime during the day my dad and Aunt left to hang out with their friends. And they didn't get back until late. And it was like... A little awkward. And we kept saying we were bored until we like, decided to lie down because we were sleepy, then we started talking. Which was actually really nice, because I haven't gotten to talk with her like that for a while, since her sisters kept coming and stuff. And for some reason talking with Sora isn't the same with her sisters around.

She's different than she was last summer. She's shyer. Which is funny because I'm less shy now. Oh, and her hair is longer. And she's cuter. :)

Last night after Sora fell asleep Riku was really nervous for like, no apparent reason. And put dishes away and put dirty ones in the dishwasher. Sora didn't wake up because Sora sleeps like a ROCK on tranquilizer. For some reason doing dishes calmed Riku down enough to fall asleep. (eventually.)

I had this weird dream, Sora was driving somewhere, really badly. And I told her that she can get away with it because it's a dream and we won't get hurt in real life. But I'm not going to let her drive in real life. (Funny how I knew it was a dream but for some reason thought she'd remember me telling her that.) And then she drove the car into a rainbow bus. So we were sitting on the bus listening to music. And my cousin Goofy was complaining about something rather... Then I was in my living room eating tape and Goofy was REALLY annoyed that I was eating tape... Don't ask me why I was eating tape, I don't know.. It sounded and looked like tape but it was like eating one of those vanilla wafers but flavorless and flat and less crumbs...

And then in the morning, we like, ate breakfast and stuff, and at some point we were sitting on the floor talking about the future...

It's kind of funny, we want to like, do everything together. As in EVERYTHING, get a job at the same place, (or nearby each other.) get a house together... (Thinking about that is a little weird at 14 but whatever. We won't know how things are going to work out until we get there, but right now that's what we want... And it's not like we can act on it now anyways. So we talk about it.) But we're both to shy to say anything about the whole "girlfriend" thing. XD But you know what? I don't mind. Even though we haven't kissed yet, and things are a little weird at times. I'm happy with where we are. And I don't want to rush things, because that would make things weird-er.

It's sort of like a sculpture, slowly chipping away at the tension between us, and working at a comfortable pace, rather than working too quickly and making more mistakes... Riku who's got no idea how things are going to turn out and has like, no experience to speak from is saying this.. But whatever, I just don't like rushing things.

Maybe one day I'll look back and say to myself that taking my time was a good idea...

...Or I'll be cursing myself for being a slow coward.

Either way, I rather go with what I'm comfortable with. Because it'll be that much worse if I do something I'm NOT comfortable with and then things go wrong. You know?

Riku made a friend last month but Riku is afraid of calling people. And Riku only got her number and she didn't get Rikus... She's probably wondering what happened to Riku. And Riku can't think of why she has an irrational fear of calling people in the first place.

But anyways. Sora and I were playing video games a lot. Which was fun. And then we started reading from Death Note (Best manga ever.) out loud. Like, she'd get some characters and I'd get others. And that was really fun, I'm not sure if it was because I got to do funny voices for characters, or because I got to use it as an excuse to sit really close to Sora. (I bet it's the latter. XD) But it was fun. :)



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aw thats really cute

aw thats really cute ^_^....makes me wish i still had a girlfriend but its alrite...hope the best for you two :)

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"