RPing thread?

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Would anyone here be interested in a Roleplay topic? I have a couple good one's on Gaia, and I could make one up for here. But only if people would be interested. Would any of y'all want to participate in a Roleplay topic if I create one?

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Sure, come over to my apartment dressed as an altar boy. We'll figure the rest out later. :-)


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You're dreadful. But hilarious, so you should be forgiven.

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Jeff...... __________________


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If i didnt know jeff was

If i didnt know jeff was joking i would be sickened and horrified
(and i would probably kick him in the balls too)

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*makes tsk tsk motion* Not that kind of RPing! *stare*

I meant like a fantasy or imaginary RP. You know, set up a situation, have people start doing things. NOTHING LIKE WHAT YOU APPARENTLY WANNA DO *groans* Should've seen that coming *sigh*

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If you're going to make it that easy, how could I not?


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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When you suggested

When you suggested Roleplaying i was definitaly thinking the dirty kind and was dissapointed because i knew you meant the clean kind

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How awkward would it be to

How awkward would it be to do a lemon-y online roleplay? o.0 I can NOT imagine that kind of scene moving post by post... xD

Yeah, I'd be up for some roleplaying (the clean kind......) assuming my homework doesn't rear up and swallow me whole.

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can i be a naughty nurse?