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i need to get laid.

scratch that.

i wanna get laid.


from active sex / whatever life. to boring as hell.

sorry if thats a bit. detailed. which it really isnt. but yeah.

i'm just an overly-incredibly affectionate person.
really clingy too. and i love intimacy
i loveee just lying there with someone in my arms, or being held by someone.
it just makes me feel like time's stopped and that its just..okay.
unfortunately i've got noone to do that to me.
my closets friends arent touchy-feely.
theres lots of hugs but no real..cuddles. or times where you can just hug and not let go.

this girllll i like. its so annoying. lol
sometimes i just wish we were closer, and open.
she's not the open/deep and meaningful emotional type.
shes too. ermm. cool? for that.
other times i just wish she could be here and ...uhmm. get.physical.

ehh. oh well.

i'm tired as hell and i'll be back soon probably to write moooore.

byesss =]


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sex makes me stupid so I decided to stay away from it for a while :)

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Hope you get laid soon.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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*cuddles* I love cuddling

*cuddles* I love cuddling too!!! Sex is fun because you get to cuddle lots afterwards!!!

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