Short Writing: Label. For class Assignment.

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Words with meaning will never name me, though newspapers, the governement, people, even my friends will try to, I will not. Why do people label, so they can think they have some understanding of you or your kind? What is a fish, or a dog; who came up with those names, who said that we have to have a name. Seriously, who came up with prep, black, hoe, or homosexual. I hate the word homosexual, to me it sounds like a speciem. Do I look like a speciem, no I'm a human. Give a person a label and years latter they might realize thats they dont fit into that sterotype. They'll realize they'll have to rebuild what everyone thinks of them. They may lose friends, they may lose their job, they may lose everything becuase someone told them who they were. Dont judge me, dont name me, dont label me, for I know who I am.

- Kumar

P.s. Kumar soon to be my new name.

Watcha think??


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If it's for school, i'd

If it's for school, i'd write it using more formal wording. but it's up to you. what is it specifically for?