So busy...

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G'dday people. OmG year 11 is a pain in the arse. We get so much homework I just like can't stand it anymore. They load you with shit everyday and you never have enough free time. Maybe I need to develop a new study method or review my time management. I officially give up on writing my GLM story... no inspiration, and I just don't have the time. It's past deadline so no point anyway.

Ok, I'm actually getting really really tired of all this work. Maybe I shuld quit piano too. Without that I get a lot more pressure off. Maybe Chinese tutoring isn't that important as well. I mean, I can speak Chinese well. With those two things off I can concentrate more on other commitments at school. I don't know. But I hate giving up shit.

I'm very happy at school today. Well, relatively happy. B'cause I had a good day. But every night the stress of the work really just gets me in a realli fucked off mood. And my friends keep calling me for their homework help while I can barely handle my own. Grr I want to stab something. But I'm sure there are people who are a lot more busier than me out there... I just don't know how they manage.

On another note, I'm just thinking that if I did find a boyfriend I probably won't have time for him except in the weekends (which even then is barely a tiny bit of it). I'm so sick of things not being in my control. Maybe that's why I'm so angry at times.


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Well things are rarely under your control. It is bloody annoying, but it is best to just effect it as much s possible, but always expect it to be out of control. And there will be phases of killer work and they do ease off. And there is no need to let one workload effect the rest of your life
Having now just told you all of that, I probably wont myself. good luck dude

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