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Tonight was songfest and it was soooooooo...FUN :)

It sucks though that i think i'm getting sick...its just my throat...idk i'm always coughing and its sore to eat and stuff. kinda funny lol. when we were sitting down waiting for it to start...i was coughing up a storm...then the lady next to me elbowed me. well was just thinking that she was stretching or SOMETHING lol and i didn't think about it until she looked at me and asked if i wanted a cough drop (i know...AW) so she gave me a cough drop and it actually helped (YAY :D) THANK YOU LADY lol.

Ok back to the songfest...OMG one of the opening singers MAX...he's really good, he used to go to my middle school and he just tried out for Brown Bags to Stardom (a talent program) and he did pretty good. well...anyways as i said in my other post Songfest was between the freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors...the reps all picked a number to determine the order of who was going first and here was the order and the songs;

*Finale B
*Power of One
*Point of Light

*You Can't Stop the Beat
*Love Heals
*Tomorrow (ANNIE)

Juniors (WHOOT WHOOT);
*I Want You Back (not the one by nsync)
*My Girl
*You Can't Hurry Love

*Ain't No Mountain High Enough
*Do You Believe in Magic
*Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Guess who won?...
As my principal said "In my 20 years at this school...this is the first time the FRESHMAN class has won" sucked i wanted juniors to win...but i give the freshman credit, they ROCKED!!

But i swear next year...i'm signing up and we're gonna win...c'mon its gonna be my senior year...we're gonna win!!!

...well besides all the singing and stuffies, me and my friend were waiting for our ride outside of the school and it was dark and there was no cars so we were like dancing lol...she was dancing to her beat then i turned my iPod on loud and we were kinda dancing to Barbie Girl by Aqua lol XD


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lol barbie girl is such a

lol barbie girl is such a classic. A girl can't say she has had a childhood without listening to it haha