srry i havent been on here 4 a while

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WELLLLL . . . .i havent been on here for ever and ever!!!! been busy and stuff . . . . gess wat . . . . last weekend, i kissed a girl!!!! well, three. we were playing spin the bottle, and there were no guys, and . . . . yay!!!!!! it was happy times


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Good to see you, Pinkie!

Good to see you, Pinkie! Don't be such a stranger.

Cool beans, getting practice kissing like that. Chances are you'd never find a group of guys playing spin the bottle (unless they were all gay guys. lol).

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yayyyy :D *runs off to play

yayyyy :D

*runs off to play spin the bottle*
...with a wall :|

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Gud Fr U!!

awsom. now, if i could convince that really hot girl that it's just a game i don't REALLY wanto make out w/ her..