Strange, Musical Proposal...

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Sooo... chances are, this has been proposed somewhere before, but in case it hasn't or it's been forgotten..........

I'm pretty sure we have a lot of musicians on here, and probably a fair few singers too. Would anyone be interested in maybe recording something? Like a choral piece, maybe? It'd be hard--tempo and intonation would have to be, like, perfect--but maybe...? Iono... what do people think? Also, people should say what voice they are, to see if this is at all feasible, or if Oasis has, say, a pronounced lack of basses.

Also, if anyone wants to compose, swap songs/pieces, talk music, or has any stray lyrics (or musicals... I'm looking at YOU, utter_insanity...) that they want put to music, get in touch! (Because hey, there's so much in this word better than homework.) I'm off to rate hottest girls in the grade.... Cheers!

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i <3 music

I'm a music addict (We were talking about what addiction is in health class and by their definition I really am addicted to music. lol) I play the harp and like singing but I'm not very good at it (the singing, I'm ok at harp). I've been wanting to write music for a while but I've never had the chance to do it. I'm an alto/soprano or something like that, I don't sing much, I pretty much stick with harp. GREAT IDEA, COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!! How would we get together/ have rehersals etc.? Post more info please.

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Alto/soprano.... gee, that's

Alto/soprano.... gee, that's descriptive, considering you just about covered the whole conceivable female range...... xDD ignore me, I'm a chorus snob. Anyway, I think there are people from waaaay too many places on here to have real life rehearsals (I am NOT going down to the bible belt, even if it IS to meet awesome Oasis people). The idea was that we'd all record a part and e-mail it to someone who'd mix it into a single master track thingie. Just, the thing is, all the timing and pitches would have to be pretty exact, like I said. So it has a good chance of abject failure. But hey, if people are willing to consider it...

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I could take a crack at

I could take a crack at writing music(not the lyrics) just like the music. I play clarinet and piano tenor sax bass clarinet alto sax um yeh absically anything just give me the instrument and a book and i'll learn it. Although not flute... lol i SUCK at flute.

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I write lyrics, although my melodies are best never spoken of. I can also do some basic mixing, although it's not terribly sophisticated.

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Hi, maianess

I'm writing some lyrics for a musical, and I've already got a couple of songs written. I'm actually trying to write the music to one of the songs, but the only instrument I know is the electric guitar, and the music I've written sounds kind of heavy metal-ish. I'm a rock/metal fan, but I don't know if many people also are, so I don't know if the music I've written would sound good to everyone. I'm not that confident about my music writing skills. :(

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I play guitar, bass, and keyboards, singing is not much my thing, i can keep in tune an have a pretty deepness to it, nott really deep tough.. id tottally like to help! just Pm or comment or something cause this is a pretty sweet idea!

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I'm a tenor in my school

I'm a tenor in my school choir, although I can sing both higher and lower than tenor range. But only a bit. I'm mostly a comfortable tenor range. I dunno. I'd do it, but I'd have to know what all we're doing and how I'd get it to you... I can't compose, but I'd gladly sing something I know... lol

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I can sing (alto and

I can sing (alto and soprano), play violin, and have written some music. Sounds cool!
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I play the bass guitar in my

I play the bass guitar in my school's jazz band and my own, and sing alto as well. Most of all our lyrics I write, it's something I've always had fun with.