Talked to my Crush. Gasp!

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Okay you dirty little whore mouse button made me refresh the page and I have to retype this. Rah! Okay thank God I'm in a good mood or I might go eat a zonkey or something.

Hmm okay yeah that crush of mine. I'll call him Sam.

Sam is very cute and Max has an obsession over his very cute indeed smile. Sam is relatively short and has brown hair. He's in Max's eco class, PE class and Christian Education class. (Note Max didn't capitalise eco 'cause eco is a skanky class). Now now, Max decided he would acquaint this Sam by the end of the week. So um, well he did. ^_^

Even though Max thinks his conversation is short and no big deal, Max is happy. Actually Sam talked to Max first in PE when they were playing soccer. Sam is cute when he misses the ball. Max gets pissed when he doesn't header it properly lol. Newayz, he actually talked to Max first and made a comment about a goal shot. Yeah. Max then started talking 'bout soccer. Then tis all good. He laughed at some of Max's jokes, and we walked a while to the assembly. Sam is really noice. Max is happy.

Mmm yes mmm. His smile like makes Max want to melt. He saw his smile in Christian Education one day and he just buried his head because he has this very fuzzy feeling in him. Max's friend Mo Mo says Max is such a girl, I mean Max goes for smiles! Raro the Taro thinks Sam is a fugly beast. *sigh*

Oh, and Max's new nickname from Ellie is the GIMP. Well Gay Pimp tis what it is. Also, Jimmy Neutron looks like a transexual.

Max also found it really easy to talk to people. "Confidence is charm" is so true. As long as Max is confident and nice it's possible to talk to most people. It only depends if he wants to talk to that person. Sometimes it can be hard to find common ground, but Max also realised as long as he talks he can always get along.

Max should grow Emo Hair? No? Well Ellie think Max should. Mo Mo says emo's are queer. Max doesn't think she realised the irony but hmm... Max is not an emo, and never going to be. He just likes the hair. But Mo Mo says Max shouldn't go 'partial' emo - 'cause he needs to get real manly guys.

Also, Max has been really busy lately. 'Tis almost 12. He has lots of work and revision. He'll try do them tomorrow. As for now he's going to sleep. In the weekends he might go to the Lantern Festival.

Oh a last note. Max thinks geology rocks and Antartica's cool :)

Max waves goodbye. :D


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Sounds cool. Do whatever you

Sounds cool. Do whatever you want with your hair. Riku doesn't understand the labels thing to any extent because she's home schooled. So she says that Max should do whatever he wants with his hair.

Riku thinks speaking in third person is fun. =D

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I thought

I thought everyone knew jimmy neutron was a transsexual
Not that I know what you look like, but I don't think you should have emo hair. You don't sound like someone who should

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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You don't know what I look like?? Rah! Hopefully this pic will help you.

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Oh I am so turned on by that

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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Jeff wishes Max luck with Sam, although jess doesn't think Max wil need it. He seems to know what he wants.


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