Thank YOU!

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That's right, I'm talking to YOU! Thank YOU! And everyone on this site. By writing your own journals and commenting on mine, you guys gave me the confidence to do things I wouldn't have been able to do. Like come out to my friends and admit my feelings to Sora and that stuff. So thanks for everything! =3 *Hug*

I just got off the phone with Sora. So I'm in a really good mood again. =D

She says she's coming over tomorrow. (Of course she is. She always comes over on weekends unless she has to do stuff with her family or whatever.) And she says she's not bringing her sister, Namine. (Which I'm going to hope means she's not bringing any of her sisters. That's what it sounded like when she said it.) Riku wants to talk to Sora about lots and lots of things. And that's hard to do with Soras sisters around.

Since I sent her that e-mail (See previous journal entries.) talking with her has been a little different. I think there's more of that "I'm saying this but I really mean this" telepathy thing going on now...

It totally rawks.

Talking on the phone with Sora will be the death of my nails, seriously. I always nibble on my nails when I talk with her. SOON THERE WILL BE NONE LEFT!!!

So... I can't wait to see Sora tomorrow... Duh.

Apparently, if you search Google for things like "Riku is *insert something I am here.*" my blog comes up. And I think it'd be weird if someone I knew found my blogs and then put two and two together and figured out that they were mine. But I'm not going to worry too much about it... It'd be embarrassing but it won't kill me.

And plus, if someone comes to my journal page that way they'll probably glance look up and down the thing, find out it's not about Kingdom Hearts, it's a blog, and move onto the next site...

But whatever, I won't let it bug me. I'm actually more nervous about tomorrow than this whole "What if someone reads my blog thing" because I get the feeling that Sora has expectations of some sort... And I'm afraid I'll freak out again. But I'll try to have more self-control this time.



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yeah, alot of times i want to tell people about this site

but at the same time im scared they will find it because they would recognize instantly who i am.
its weird that i say things to... i dunno.. hundreds of people on here
that i have only told to three people in my life.
or sometimes noone at all.

I think its sad, in a way, how things are like that.

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hmm I just searched

hmm I just searched mine.
although I don't think anyone I know will honestly google "yep_im_a_stalker" so I should be safe


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I'm so happy for you. ANd

I'm so happy for you. ANd thank you, too, for keeping us updated on your wonderful saga. Love you!

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