That's life folks

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It's strange to read my past writings and see where I am now as compard to then, I might add there is not much difference. I'm still with CC, her parents hate me even more than they did before, only now I have found one person in her family who actually does like me and that is one of the best things to happen in a long time. It gives me an amazing feeling and a bit of hope, maybe things will get better, not as fast as I we may want, but better none the less. My biggest concern now is college, CC is a year my elder and college is but one year away for her. Sac State is not a choice for her, she has options. She won't want tp stay here, it holds too bad of memories. Yes, I fully realize she is my first girlfriend and most good things come to an end, but that means our end is in a year. How evil life can be, just as you realize something wonderful, something horrible drags you back down.