the currents of my life...

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This may probably seem like the bulletin thingy from Myspace, but NO it's not...i'm just not much in the mood to write in like, sorta paragraph form and all the good fun stuff i've been doing for most of my posts...
Time for a lil change now and then...

*Current Mood(s); Tired...Stressed...Irritated...BLAH

"can't turn back now/got me over my head/i'm in too deep"

*Current Problem; History project not yet done...

"you're all i ever wanted/you're all i ever needed"

*Current Thought; ...don't ever think that you ain't worth it 'cause you are and don't let anyone make you feel that your less than what you are 'cause the only thing that matters is that you know who you are and they can just...BEAT IT!

"your the one i want next to me/but i guess that's not whats meant to be"

*Current Obsession; A VENTI Passion Iced Tea from STARBUCKS

"ain't gotta rush/i just want to take it nice and slow"

*Current Dislike(s); iTunes & Laptop

"wish i knew/how to separate the two/you remind me"

*Current Word; Aye!

"i need you/your heartbeat next to mine/'cause i know that we can get through this"

*Current Procrastination; downloading songs for dad's iPod

"now here i sit/so far away/remembering all the memories"

*Current Fear; the mountain of dishes in the sink lol

"i'm walking away/from troubles in my life/i'm walking away"

*Current "girl" thought; "my hair is soooooo funky"

ahhhh...blah i can't mind ran outta things to put on.

But...yeah...for a little update;

I'm actually doing alright for once...although i have a lot of things to do and finish, i'm more content with how i am now then i was before.

It's amazing how certain things in life...can change your whole perspective on things...i'm glad though that i'm beginning to realize it all now.

Well...i have some unfinished business to tend to...but maybe tomorrow or something...i'll have something good to write...see ya'll laters



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Whoa, that confused me

Whoa, that confused me @.@

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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'my hair is soooo funky!'

'my hair is soooo funky!' aha random, love it.

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"