the dream...

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Sigh...i'm pretty pissed right now. I wrote a post about my life and stuff...i looked at it, though about copying it so that if it got screwed up then i would still have it...well i ended up pressing the SUBMIT button thinking that it would actually work and i didn't need to copy it. was at 38% and it stopped..then went to that stupid page that says "can't connect at this moment try again" or something like that...and now it's gone. My time from 10 to 12 wasted writing something that meant something to me...and in less than a second...deleted like it was nothing.

Maybe that's a lil exaggeration 'cause i'm too tired to be that mad lol. But since i guess that post wasn't meant to be i hope that this one gets through and stuffies. This is not my life story...i would write it again but my head is getting sore...but this is about a dream i had this morning. I would say last night but i ended up waking up at 5:50 this morninig and thought that i could sleep longer and that's when i had the dream.

*there may be some weird parts but i don't have much of a good memory*


I was with this girl (i recognized her in the dream but everytime i think about it...she gets more and more hazy to me) and we were just walking around and things got pretty intimate (no details...just gonna say that there was sexual activity lol). We were outside then we ended up at the mall where there was one big bathroom and i had to go, so i went into a stall and she followed me. Before i went into the stall i saw this guy Ross whose in my chems class go into the stall next to me...i was a little cautious 'cause i wondered if he saw me with the girl going into the stall.

I used the bathroom and stuff. Then we were walking around the mall and i was watering the plants with a measuring cup with salt water and everytime i tried to pour the water out it ended up squirting out and hitting people that were sitting by the plants. I ended up losing the girl in the mall and met this guy, he was a skater and he looked like this guy that was in my japanese class sophomore year. I ended up walking with him through the mall and he was pretty cool...then we went onto this escalator that was like a rollar coaster (prettycool lol) and ended up at my school.

We held hands while walking through the school and went into a classroom. There was this rolling thing that looked like a ramp and he went on it and then told me to try, so i did. He told me stand on it and he looked at the ground and started drawing a board and *poof* he made a skateboard. A really nice black one with star and stuff on it and he gave it to me. Funny though 'cause i don't skateboard at he gave it to me and we sat down talking and holding hands.

He looked at me and was like "i would kiss you but its complicated" and i was like "why?" then he told me he was ______ (?) i have forgot what it was but it involved magic and he said that he can't get involved with humans and stuff. He said that i needed to go, plus he wanted to skateboard back. So i left and i was walking and took out my iPod and when i realized that i didn't have it and i had his mp3 player (idk how i knew it was his but it was) so i went back and gave him his mp3 player, took my iPod and my phone and walked away.

I ended up outside of school in a grassy area and there was all lot of people...there was a party or something and i say this guy Bully and i talked to him for awhile and walked some more. I ended up at a gate that had a hole in it and i went through it and saw some military trucks going by.

As i was walking i ended up in a neighborhood that i didn't recognize but it reminded me of Nightmare on Elm Street (creepy) i was walking and it was dark and i had a flashlight that flickered more than it gave light (Lol). I ended up seeing my coworker and she let me in her house, where her and her two friends (they seemed familiar but i didn't recognize them) had a movie night and were discussing the movie.

Then...i woke up

...i ended up waking up at 6:38...almost late for my bus but i dress really fast so i got there on time.

I was thinking about this dream first i came to the conclusion that maybe saying that i'm still bi and that i'm trying to hard to keep guys out of my life...but then i thought some more and...i honestly don't know what it meant and that maybe its...just a DREAM.

So i ended up stopped thinking about it...although i wish i had as much action in the real life as in the dream lol. *sigh* hehe....

Other than day was a lil crappy. i had to go to the library at school at 7:30 to finish my groups powerpoint and print out the slides for it...the server for the computer lab ended up stopping and i had to wait 10 mins for it to get back up...then i printed it out my stuff and when i was trying to save the stuff i added...the computer froze and it ended up being that this girl crashed the server and it stopped working.

So i'm betting our info. got deleted...damn. I was also late to my 1st period but she doesn't mind so i didn't need a pass. But then i also had to print out my paper for my community service project, so i typed it in my 1st period and was waiting for this girl to finish doing her thing, so i could print it out and i ended up logging on when the class ended and Microsoft Word wouldn't start and my teacher said that i could come back and print it out 'cause i was already late to my 2nd period.

I had to get a pass for my 2nd period...damn my 1st tardy for the quarter...good thing it ends next week lol. but more stressing was that's the class with the project, so the guys were all bugging me after the teacher went over what else we need to do by monday...gosh sooo much stuff to do...stressing plus i gotta do my stuff and the other two guys 'cause they don't know what the hell their doing and i don't feel like failing this project. blah...i literally like snapped today at one guy.

So i went back to print my stuff at recess and the printer wasn't working...damn...nothing worked with me today. I went to chems (3rd period) and got lost 'cause i don't get anything we're doing and i need to study more to pass 'cause i'm FAILING :(...but i ended up printing my paper in my 4th period class...yay....

At lunch i ended up falling up the stairs trying to rush to turn in my paper...then...after that it went pretty 5th and 6th periods weren't that bad and ended up cruising for awhile.

...oOo did my taxes today...i just need to mail in the forms...i'm getting $50 tax return....yay lol...hopefully i get that $100 refund my teacher mentioned. well...i'm ready for bed i'll see ya'll laters.