The longest blonde moment of my life....

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I've been trying to get a name on here for months and I finally just got the brains to use Yahoo instead of aol! Anyway hola everyone, my name is Bobbi and no, I am not a boy. I learned I was a lesbian when I was 11 and I guess that isn't very long since I am only 12 but atleast I know what I am now. That's only one reason to be proud of myself, I recently came out to my family and stopped cutting myself a month ago. I owe it all to my great girlfriend Chloe, I love you baby!

But I still hate Ally....


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Hey there! Welcome to the

Hey there! Welcome to the site. :)

I didn't figure out that I'm lesbian until I was 13. (I knew I was attracted to girls at 12. But didn't realize that I'm not attracted to boys until recently.) And I think it's kind of funny that it took me any amount of time at all to realize this, because I had crushes on girls, and when I watch old movies and stuff, I remember thinking that a couple of characters were lesbian, but not really understanding that or consciously thinking it. That and I've always thought those Bowflex commercials should have only had the female models and not the male ones. XD And I had like 9 barbie dolls, and only one Ken doll that I neglected, cut the hair of, and lost. XD It's like, if I've always been so gay why didn't I realize it until recently?

Well, I'll stop blabbing before I scare you away. XD See you around the site. :)

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=People don't scare me away,

=People don't scare me away, I scare people away.

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Ride hard or stay home.

Do they react that way because of who we are or because of your personality?
"I like to think it's me."

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referring to Riku's

referring to Riku's comment... i think i knew at a young age that i thought girls were cute and shit, and i remember having crushes all throughout elementary, but i never put the two together that i was gay [i think i was too young to comprehend what "gay" meant].

and in middle school i questioned here and there but middle school really would've been the worst place to come out [in my case.] and so i just kept it quiet. i told myself i was straight for a long time, but then sophmore year [or last year] i got a crush and realized "hey, this is real interest... you like girls, too."

and after having a boyfriend and knowing that i really did like him, and then checking out girls i've come to the conclusion i'm bisexual at the age of 16. [i just realized i've put 17 on like, five comments i've left. wtf?]

anyway... welcome! and kudos for coming to terms with your sexuality early in life. might make it easier for you.

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Hey! I love it when people

Hey! I love it when people who are younger than like, 17 join. (I'm 14.) Well, welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it here.

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I was twelve myself when I joined Oasis, so no worries about your age! :) It's awesome to see another young lesbian on this site.

"Women in rubber will ALWAYS be flirting with me!" --Maureen in the musical RENT