The New and Improved Oasis Discount Code!!!

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Hi Guys!

I have made some changes to my special coupon code for Oasis members. First off, it has doubled, going from a 15% discount to a 30% discount. Secondly, it is good for any edition of the book, even the $6.35 ebook download. That isn't really important to you guys, since you only have to ask me for the download and I'll give you a free link to it. I'm hoping though that the bigger discount will put a signed hardcopy edition, either the softback or hardback, within your reach (with the discount, the softback becomes only about $13.99 plus shipping).

To get this discount, you just have to type the word "Oasis" in the coupon field at checkout time. It's only good in my online store (, not on Amazon. Don't worry though, my store is secure and encrypted. Not even I see the payment info. I also accept Paypal for those of you who prefer using that.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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I totally want to buy it! And now(with the little money I have) I can get it!


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Great! I look forward to

Great! I look forward to signing one for you. :-)

- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay
characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"