The Quiet Boy

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I have had a crush on one of my best friends, Josh, for two years now. He is the hottest guys I know. However, he never, NEVER, talks because of something that happened when he was younger that has paralysed his vocal cords. So he has never been able to divulge his orientation, because what teenager in their right mind would put something like that in writing around people that could make their life I living hell? He knows I am gay, and he is always hanging out with me, both at school and out of school. My "gaydar" is picking up a small blip that says, "Maybe Josh IS gay" and I hope he is because I would absolutely die to have him as a boyfriend.


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Always consider the third option, though. That he could be gay and not interested in pursuing a relationship, just wants you as a friend.

It's always interesting to read here when people think finding someone gay clears up the confusion. When, that's just when a whole new array of options starts to exist.


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Re: Hmm...

You know what, Jeff? You have a way with puncturing bubbles. Can you at least allow me to have the fantasy that maybe he DOES like me?


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I hope it works out the way

I hope it works out the way you hope it will, sweetie.

I think you should enjoy your fantasy. Who knows? Maybe it's not a fantasy. One day you'll find out, for better or for worse. If it turns out that romance isn't in the cards though, just remember that a good friend is the most valuable thing in the world.

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