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Well as I posted in my journal the other night I came out to another friend.So now that is 2 that know and are completely fine and cool with it.They now want to take me to a gaybar this weekend (they are straight) but they think it would be a good idea for me.For ages I have wanted to go...but now i'm scared.
The reason I'm scared you may ask?Well it is because I have friends that hang out there every friends bro is gay and she goes to the gaybar near us every weekend with him....and i'm scared to go and bump into them and they be like hey what are you doing here...So basically I am scared an openly gay aquantance(sp) and a friend who clearly does not harbour any homophobia will find out.I'm starting to feel such a situation is becomming slightly ridiculus,so yeah I am thinking of talking to that friend next.Maybe in the next couple of weeks.If I don't completely bottle it.I dunno I gues I just feel on a bit of a roll with two friends cool with it.It's making it easier.Also all the coming out stories today are making me just want to get out there too:)
Oh and a girl that I know,just barely who I thought was gay...well turns out she is.Now I feel perhaps maybe I do have some gaydar that I just need to tap into more,lol.
Ok yeah this was a bit of a ramble but its late and I cannot sleep.So here I am instead.Ok feeling sleepy now.So laterz.


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Yeah I feel like I could

Yeah I feel like I could tell more people too, but I don't want to go on a rant, so I'm taking my time with getting out there. Plus, I'm still in highschool with uber-stupid an immature people, so all the more reason to just leave the info with close friends.

I wish you luck in coming out further, and I would totally hit up that gay bar. Especially if you have people that will do it with you =] It might be good.

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Be careful, if you start letting openly gay and supportive people know, you might end up with a fulfilling life. Tread very catuiously.


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to Jeff's comment.
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