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K, I had fun this weekend at my friend's birthday... I didn't to to karaoke in the end since I really have to come home and get some shit done. Sleeping over was enough.

Oh, and shitz I saw this person on the bus who used to have a crush on me. He was um... just a tad bit obsessive back then... but yeah I went up and talked to him otherwise it'd be rude to ignore him. We got along quite well actually, I never knew why I didn't like him. I'm just wierd like that... I could've had about four relationships... but I gave up on having all of them... what the hell am I waiting for?

Lots of homework and catch up lately... but I'm not as stressed now. Gona finish my GLM story after this national science competition on Tuesday. Yeah.

I also had a wierd dream this afternoon (yeah I slept after I got home from my friend's 'sleepover' party). I was on this sleigh type thing with my friend Es. We were at this camp or something... then we just kept pushing ourselves along the grass with our foot then we went super fast and flew out into the sky. LMFAO I know I know. Then my sister woke me up for dinner.

Hory fuck and one other thing that creeped me out was that I woke up and checked my text and saw Raro telling me to call her. I was like um okay but then I found my wireless phone isn't on the machine. I went and asked my sister if she took it and she's like she don't know she said I was using it sometime when I was in my room (sleeping). I was like urgh wtf I can't remember at all... but hory shit I checked my bed I found the phone ON in the blankets which means I answered the phone in my sleep and obviously said some shit. OMFG? What the hell lol

I was also going through my old journal entries.. everytime I do I saw how much I changed.. my questioning, many ingrained prejudices against myself, wierd thoughts... wierd personality, depression, crazy/high times, complex thoughts, crushes, coming out, then becoming more confident, making many new friends, etc. etc. I changed so much... woah.


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Well there's no point in

Well there's no point in having relationship with someone you don't find attractive even if technically there's nothing wrong with them. You can't write that on a Valentine's Card.
There's nothing worse than a relationship where one person is much, much more into the other person that that person likes them back.

I had to throw away my sporadic hand writen diary entries because I couldn't stand reading back over them. Much too embarrassing. I expect everything I write here will have the same effect on me in a few years time.

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Yeah people change. Its good and annoying at the same time

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"