Well, I wore a gay-ish shirt out in public for the first time

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I just went out to my mom’s ceramic shop wearing a shirt with a picture of a girl named Black Widow. She’s a comic book character, and her outfit was kind of revealing. I have one other shirt like this one (it has a picture of the character Elektra on it), but I’ve never worn them in public before, because I figured that wearing a shirt with girls who have cleavage showing was like wearing a sign saying, “Hi, I’m a dyke. Please discriminate against me and make fun of the fact that I am so horny that I decide to wear shirts with half-naked girls on them.”

(Here‘s a picture of the shirt I was wearing.)

No one made fun of me. No one cared. It was really nice. One woman asked me who was on my shirt, and I told her, “Her name’s Black Widow. She’s a comic book character. She’s a spy, sort of like James Bond.”

Woo-hoo! I’m free to wear shirts that have sexy girls on them and not have people suspect that I’m gay or anything! Well, if they did suspect I’m gay, they didn’t go up to me and ask, “Why the heck are you wearing a shirt like that?”

I had a good time. I played games with my two younger siblings and my two cousins who came over to visit. They’re all four to seven years of age. I love playing with kids. They’re much better company than people my age. I ran around with the kids and was noisy with them until my dad told us to stop running and go to the play area and be quiet. Spoilsport.

I also painted a hot chocolate mug for myself. It said “Hunk” on it. My mom got a mug like that before. I think she intended my dad to use it, but I started using it myself instead. It got cracked, though, and my mom threw it away. So I painted myself a new one at the ceramics shop! Haha. I have a mug that says "Hunk" on it. How gay is that? :)

I had a good time, and I’m glad I got out of the house for once. Plus, we went to get ice cream afterwards! How cool is that?


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That's awesome! Congrats on

That's awesome! Congrats on a smooth shirt-wearing experience.

Btw I loove that shirt. ^-^

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