what do i make of this?

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There is this boy in my grade named Ari who I've become pretty good friends with. He doesn't know that I'm gay (I call myself gay even though I'm a girl) I'm pretty sure he's straight. So, today we were talking about what movies we liked and I said that I didn't see movies that often. Then he said that I should see a movie with him some time. Is this him asking me out for a date? Should I come out to him? If I came out to him would that make him realize that the reason that I would never date him has nothing to do with him but rather with me and my sexuality or would he take out his disapiontment by being an asshole?


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well i went to see a movie

well i went to see a movie with a guy [i'm bisexual though, so i'm open to the idea of going out with a guy] and i didn't consider it a date, and it never went anywhere, we just remained friends.

there would be no harm in going out with him unless he pulled some serious moves. is he flirtatious? did he present it casually or make it a definite point to ask you out?