what do you put your orientation as on public sites like myspace?

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Ok so my question is in the title, are you honest about being gay or bi, or do you just leave it empty, or do you put straight?

The reason I ask is because i was getting serious vibes from this girl-iv posted about her before and also written journal posts about her- and i looked her up on myspace, and low and behold she had put "straight" where it said orientation.

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i use bebo, it doesn't have an orientation option... I'm out, but I don't want to make a big deal about it like it's the only part of me, so I don't make a statement stating "I'm gay, and here's my number". But hey, I do have quite a few hot guys and gay pride (and making out) pictures uploaded in my photo albums. If they scroll down just a tiny little bit they can find out themselves.

I did add a statement on my profile tho, saying "I can never think straight, it's true ;)" and i make references to brokeback mountain on my films page. I bet that's obvious enough. If people ask about it I just tell them (they must be really REALLY slow though, but trust me it happens - some are just really really confused)

Everyone knows I'm a flaming faggot anyway. No straight guy gets this much girls commenting on his page.

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I put lesbian, because it's

I put lesbian, because it's true.
When I don't put it there, guys who I don't talk to much in person, or at all, keep asking me out.

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i put bi. i really, really

i put bi.
i really, really want to put gay, but...uncertainty, i guess.

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As a kind of new years

As a kind of new years resolution, I changed my facebook to Interested In: Women. (Actually, a not-too-bright friend from my elementary school messaged me and asked why it said that... and I told her... and her reply was so awkward it was funny... xD) But before that, when I wasn't sure or didn't want people to know, I just didn't put anything. Don't jump to conclusions too much, but people who leave the orientation thingie blank tend to be questioning, at least.

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Unless it's something i know

Unless it's something i know my parents are going to see i put Lesbian or interested in women or gay etc. Although tonight i regret that beccause i accidentlay added my cousin to facebook and i didn't mean to i just added a whole bunch of people without looking and well she's a lesbian i just don't want to be out to her i'm scared. That she'll think i'm a little kid an don't know what i'm talking about or sumthing. So yeh i put lesbian.

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I put lesbian. Cuz I'm out,

I put lesbian. Cuz I'm out, people just don't seem to understand that.


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I put gay.


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Before on my old myspace i

Before on my old myspace i had bi on it and then i got in trouble 'cause i supposedly "don't know who i am" 'cause i'm still young...so i had to delete my myspace, but i ended up making a new one and i don't give a rats ass about the person who told me that and this time i put Lesbian because i'm more sure about who i am and no one and can tell me any different.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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How inspiring

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I'm pretty much a ninja

I'm not out yet, and my friends and family think I'm the most straight guy on earth. I'd be excommunicated, I think, if I were to be honest on MySpace. (Plus I live in Utah, not the most "queer friendly" people in the U.S.).

But like in Smallville, my secret will leak somehow.

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But not really because Utah sucks! XD

I live in Provo!

Anyhow, on-topic, I don't list it.



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I dont list it. Its easier.

I dont list it. Its easier. And plus i dont use myspace to find people to date so it really doesnt matter. And of course my sister is one of my friends on there and that would be akward XD

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me too

Same here. Though now I think about it, it might be a useful coming-out tool... come out to everyone without saying it to anyone's face. Sounds kind of wimpy, though.

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Although coming out online may seem "wimpy" to some, it may be the best way to do it for others. I'm just saying though. I guess it would cut down on some of the embarrassment.

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That's what I did

I haven't come out to anyone in person, yet. At first, it was because I was scared, but, then it was because I'm never alone with anyone.


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On myspace...

It used to say 'Gender: Female; Orientation: Gay'
Now it says 'Gender: Male; Orientation: Straight'
Nobody seems to have noticed. Hee.

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Well I used to put lesbian,

Well I used to put lesbian, but I'm now identifying as a genderqueer so i don;t think that term fits, and I just put no answer because it doesn't have an answer for my orientation.

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I've got "lesbian" up in my

I've got "lesbian" up in my myspace. It pissed me off when they didn't have a "whateversexual" option, though.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Yeah, I leave gender and

Yeah, I leave gender and interested in sections blank on facebook. For a couple reasons: 1) I like coming out to people in person, and if I add a friend on that doesn't know, then I feel wierd just having them see insted of telling them. 2) I haven't figured out the whole gender thing. 3) I'm interested in women and genderqueers and some very cool men. There isn't really a spot for that. 4) I'm also generally more of a private person. I don't broadcast information about my sexuality on a public forum. This isn't a closeted/not thing, it's more that I'm private about that sort of thing.

Yay for long-winded explanations!

About the girl that says she's straight, I would take her word for it. Either she's straight, in denial, or closeted, all of which could make a relationship difficult.

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That's changed since I've come out to the whole world. Gender is still blank, because I certainly haven't figured it out yet, but I say interested in women and men. Once I've figured out how to label my gender ID then I'll add the queer orientation application on facebook and probably put pansexual or something.

No one has a right to sit down and feel hopeless; there is too much work to do.--Dorothy Day

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I used to put straight even though that is so not true.

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I just don't fill in that part on myspace.Then I'm not exactly lieing,and people can just draw their own conclusions,if any at all from the blank.

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I leave orientation blank on myspace and I usually assume that means anything other than straight when I see it on other people's.. but not always.

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I live it blank

I I mean its not like I am using myspace as a dating service so I just live it blank, I only add my friends and they know so why bother informing strangers.

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On myspace I just keep it blank so I'm not saying that I'm gay but I'm not saying I'm not.

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I always assume a blank one means not straight. I mean, why would straight people be coy about it?


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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I used to put straight but now I'm comfortable putting bi. Although, I think those options are too limited since I'm more pansexual.

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i put straight before, and

i put straight before, and no there's just nothing. yeah, my crush has straight too... it's disappointing.

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On my Myspace, it's No

On my Myspace, it's No Answer...I don't think it's anyone's business which gender I prefer, because the only friends I have on Myspace are people I know in real life (vast majority) or people I've communicated with extensively online. Besides, I'm not really the online-romance-making type.

Whenever I see a No Answer, I also automatically raise an eyebrow...although that might just be because of what I do.

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On Facebook

Yeah... I just leave the 'Interested in' section blank.
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I'm out in real life NEway,

I'm out in real life NEway, so I guess I do... But then, I don't belong to anything really other than this site at the moment, so I guess I don't count. But still, if I am on a site, I will give my orientation.

Guys are pretty confusing, and apparently drooling over them doesn't really break the ice...

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ha ha i always put ask me if you have to ask and then sometimes i answer but because i live in Detriot it not the coolest thing if a gang member fine's out ur gay

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well mines just a blank box. but if you read the comments on my page, its farely obviouse im not your average teeen girl.

my sister who's nine, she found out and called me a twevil. evil teen. dunno. she saw it on the bratz movie. pretty cool huh.

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On Facebook I've put blank.

On Facebook I've put blank. Partially because I'm not out, but also because I'm modest. Even if I was straight, I'd think "Why would I want to broadcast it to the world?"

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New app!!

For everyone bitching about the lack of options on Facebook: there's a new application (called SGO, I believe) with a lot more to choose from. Also, join the group "Petition for a Queer-Positive Facebook" or somesuch.

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Yes, SGO is a lovely

Yes, SGO is a lovely application with tons of options, ways of phrasing things, and blank fill-in-able other boxes if non of the options fit. A good, good thing for a weird blur of identity like me.

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I am eclectic

Once I was a man interested in men. Then I was in a relationship looking for a relationship. Then I was a woman interested in women in a group called "Shane McCutcheon Makes Me Wish I Was a Lesbian".

EDIT: I totally SGO'ed my profile. I feel like I'm misusing it because I don't think I really need this elaborate thing, and let me tell you. It is very elaborate.
o how it hurt me sharp in the vein
it would never let me be still and still.

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My Facebook 'Interested In'

My Facebook 'Interested In' section is blank...Isn't that way too obvious? My, people is blind :P

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I put straight. For

I put straight. For now...

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I leave it as No Answer

On myspace I leave as no answer. I only do it because I like my privacy and I don't want my good friend,who is a lesbian to know yet. And my coworkers and managers at work have been snooping around my myspace!

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I go to facebook.

I put "Interested in men"

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gay if its a profile that

gay if its a profile that lets women be gay. lesbian if i cant put gay.

--i used to be a tomboy, now im a full grown lesbian--

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I put straight cause if i put anything else my parents would disown me and call me nasty things cause there major christian you know so i put straight

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?: Not Sure

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I don't have myspace, but I

I don't have myspace, but I left my facebook option blank. I'm paranoid that that's too obvious, so I also leave "political views", "religious views", "looking for", etc blank, so people will think I just didn't want to fill that whole part in because I'm a private person (which I am).

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That is classic. I've had the exact same line of reasoning run through my head.

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: )

That's exactly what I did. The only two things I filled in was my network and gender. It's really tempting to fill in the rest, but, like you, I'm too paranoid. Because I know when I personally am looking at other people's profiles, if they haven't filled in "interested in" I automatically start wondering if they're gay... but if nothing else is filled in it's a little less obvious at least.

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I leave it blank. None of

I leave it blank. None of strangers' damn business, in my opinion.

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i'm a minimalist, i leave

i'm a minimalist, i leave whatever they let me leave blank....

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