what do you put your orientation as on public sites like myspace?

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Ok so my question is in the title, are you honest about being gay or bi, or do you just leave it empty, or do you put straight?

The reason I ask is because i was getting serious vibes from this girl-iv posted about her before and also written journal posts about her- and i looked her up on myspace, and low and behold she had put "straight" where it said orientation.

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originally i didnt put it in, then i put gay cause no one looks at my myspace aaccept my friends and they all know. i think it amusing that one of my best kept secrets is out in the open :D

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I put bi, even though I'm

I put bi, even though I'm not.... I used to be totally freaked out that someone was going to find it, but now I just feel kind of guilty because I don't really like guys at all.

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On my old myspace I had bi,

On my old myspace I had bi, but then my whole family attacked me about it, so after I got my new myspace I put straight. But I dont understand why they get so twitchy my family is like 60& queer, seriously, out of my 7 brothers and sisters only 3 are straight, so if you throw me in, 5out of8 of us aren't.
thats like 62%

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Gaia doesn't have anything

Gaia doesn't have anything like that, and I can't edit my profile without crashing the computer anyways, so...yeah.

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Before I moved, when nearly everyone I knew was aware of my sexuality. I had it as Bisexual. Which is basically what I am. Although I treat myself as just Sexual. ;)
But now that I've moved, and live in a big city I worry about it a bit more.

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eh, i put no answer on

eh, i put no answer on myspace, just cause everything is no answer. the only thing i have on myspace is the stuff they automatically put there, my zodiac sign, etc. so if anyone asks me (no one has) i just say that i never changed any of them, cause im lazy and dont wanna. i mean, hell, it says im 0'0" tall... if that doesnt say i dont wanna fill stuff out, idk what does lol. also, i am physically incabible of lying, and just cant put straight, cause i dont like making people think something that isnt true. so i just put no answer, if they ask, i say i have no asnwer for everything, if they think otherwise, go for it....

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I also don't put anything on

I also don't put anything on facebook..i have family on there as my friends so big no, but i mean i have mrs. dalloway as one of my fav books and that book is pretty gay lol....i don't always assume other people who don't put anything are gay, maybe its just me but a lot of my friends don't have interested in on facebook..its a mystery thing...

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I put gay. I'm mostly out to

I put gay. I'm mostly out to people, but not to some at my school..... It's just easier to say stuff over the internet.

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pshaw! www.myspace.com/100percentoutandproudgayman
no, i leave the field blank. sorry. and it makes me feel so cowardly.

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I put "straight." I'm still

I put "straight."

I'm still questioning, and I'm not ready to come out yet, even if I'm not straight.

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I just put Bi

I recently changed mine to Bi, I figure thats close enough for now and still in the "safe zone" if someone from work were to check it. (I work with kids and having a gay guy work with children where I come from is a big taboo)

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I put no answer on my

I put no answer on my myspace. I dont know how kept up other peoples myspaces are. ALL my crushes say "straight" but their pages are anything but! I sneak gay things onto my page tho. Favorite movies, Heroes, Books, TV Shows, Music...im not stereotypical but if you take the queer as folk with the Batman and the tATu you can kinda figure stuff out. Not to mention the outlandish comments on my page ;-X

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I'm struggling with that right now.

I put both for a while, but I'm definitely gay, so I really should take the 'men' off of the 'interested in' on facebook. A childhood friend just found me on facebook and has been asking me about having 'women' up there as well as men, acting real surprised, and I guess it added to my insecurity about it all. I imagined all of these people on facebook looking at my profile and saying 'she's changed it to just women!?'

I think I'll have to do it, eventually, because I can't stand dishonesty, and it's not fair to keep 'men' up there when it isn't true. I had nothing for a while, but I'd like to have it up there so that someone can go and look and be saved from the embarassment of asking me.

We'll see, I guess.

I can vouch for the possiblity of her putting 'straight' when it might not be true, though. She also might have put 'straight' up there a while ago, and has since reconsidered but isn't so sure just yet. You never know- so don't give up just because of the myspace!

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I changed it a while ago on

I changed it a while ago on Facebook to interested in women and just left it like that. Nobody seems to have noticed, and if they have, they're not caring. People who I have on Facebook still ask me which guy I like, but as all these "who do you like?" conversations tend to take place in the changerooms, I'd rather not mention that I'm into girls at that time and place. Maybe out in the hall.

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well i dont put anything on my sexual orientation i never do cuz i dont whant ppl to know that plus i have friends at myspace that doesnt know i'm a lesbian so... You have to know that some ppl dont like ather ppl knoing there sexualorientation cuz there scare thats why they keep it "straight"...

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I put 'lesbian' and I

I put 'lesbian' and I thought that would deter the recent hookups msgs. I'd get from dudes,but it hasn't. Maybe cuz they don't go all the way down when looking at my Myspace(which is now FO)?

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staying true!

i stay true to myself on myspace and facebook. gay for orientation. men for interested in. i guess if someone isn't ready to come out to the cyber world then they put whatever they're comfortable with. but i think it's too much of a block for finding out if they're interested in you. i totally see where you're coming from. =]
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i leave it blank

i leave it blank on myspace and facebook. i was thinking about chinging it to lesbian and intrested in women, but i'm not sure if i want to be completely out yet, but if i were to start to be, then i would probably change my orientation on those sites and wait for people to come to me about it.

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I have lesbian on my

I have lesbian on my myspace.. before i had that i just left it blank. i think it's more likey that she is gay if it is blank that if it says straight, then again not everyone is the same

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I leave it empty so it

I leave it empty so it dosn't even show up. :(

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this looked like an awesome

this looked like an awesome forum, so i'm resurrecting it!!!

on facebook and myspace (i'm just SO popular, i'm on both!) i say i'm lesbian/interested in women.

now i want a gender option that fits me....

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I have Mysapce and Facebook

I have Mysapce and Facebook and both are blank :)

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I used to be out on Facebook

I used to be out on Facebook as Interested In: Women, but lately that's felt weird because I've been becoming ever so slightly interested in men... It's really hard to categorize. Not so much that I'd really want to date MEN, in general, or say that I was Interested In: Men, but I'd definitely consider dating a specific man (that is, I'm attracted to women in general, and to some specific men), so it feels weird to have my facebook say Interested In: Women, cause that seems like it's excluding men. I don't quite understand it myself, I just know that both of FB's options were vaguely uncomfortable. My solution was leaving the Interested In field blank and getting an SGO (Sex/Gender/Orientation) box on the side of my profile that says Kinsey 5, which I think is the best way to describe myself at the moment.

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I've got both Facebook and

I've got both Facebook and Myspace and I leave the interested in/sexual orientation blank.

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for a long time i had straight
then nothing
and now i finally have lesbian.

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myspace sucks at the moment

myspace sucks at the moment for me and so do all social networking sites. i hate the cyber world at the moment. but anyways. blank works for me at the moment. i know im a big fat juicy *insert genitalia of choice.*

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I am allowed a facebook page first day of summer, and my parents say they can check it whenever they want.... a dilemma arises.

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Depends on the options of

Depends on the options of the site. Some sites have an option for pansexual so I put that, otherwise I put bi of gay. There are a few sites I am on that also allow transgender for the sex/gender section so I fill that in as a ftm.

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It's Blank

It's blank because if i put "straight" that wouldn't be completely true and if I put "bi" that wouldn't be completely true. lol

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I left it blank on Facebook. But having a rainbow flair that clearly states I'm lesbian kind of defeats the purpose. Oh well.

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I left it blank - just

I left it blank - just suspicious enough.

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because I am gay?

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I put lesbian on mine cause

I put lesbian on mine cause im sick of what other people think of me and I want to be myself

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I usually put Bi, though in truth many days i feel more like a lesbian. My husband is the only guy I ever really been more than passingly attracted to. Other than that it the ladies i want, and the nice thing is he dosen't mind me having girlfriends.

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Well. Now I put "gay." I never did before, but, if people don't like it, they shouldn't add me. Screw that.

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i had it as bi (which i am) but now just put straight because i thought "hey anyone can see this somehow
Love,peace, and, DAFT PUNK, Alisa =D

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used to...now do

I used to put "stright" or leave it blank when I wasent out. Now I put "Bi" because I came out to the ones that mean something to me and if any others have questions they can know there answer because I have nothing to hide and i think they should know that.

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My Facebook....

It's blank. I'm thinking over some things more or less...... and even then... I really don't care what's there anyway. Let people think what they want. I don't give a damn.

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I put lesbian once...went to school the next day and got called disgusting.
Its been blank since.

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I haven't come out yet, so I

I haven't come out yet, so I put my status as straight on fb and other ones and bisexual in ones where know one knows who I am.

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ever since my mum kicked me

ever since my mum kicked me out i always put lesbian or into girls or gay etc and thats how most people found out (only my GF, my first crush, mum and matt knew) and probaly not the best way for my dad to find out and today i actually spotted my little sister changing her Facebook to say lesbian

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Even before I started thinking about sexuality, I left it blank because I didn't want people to think I'm looking for a relationship.