What's your philosophy of people?

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So what do you guys think of people in general? Like deep down what are most people like? What do everyone have in common (socially off course, not physically)?

I think that deep down all people are nice once you get to know them.

Another one is that everyone has a lot of insecurities, it's just that some are better at hiding them at others.

Everyone needs to belong.

What you guys think?

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wow. i'm the first to

wow. i'm the first to comment this. i would've thought that a lot of people would be commenting this. Yeah people are nice once you get to know them, but in their own way 'cause since everyone has a different way of thinking and perceiving things...like for example, i could think that your nice but then someone else could think that you're a total bitch (this was only an example).

It all depends. Everyone (to me) may seem different but we're all the same. I think that people (in general) all want acceptance in the world, they all have their different beliefs and ideas/thoughts on things that should be heard (no matter what it's about including homophobic remarks). Everyone wants love, to feel loved, to have hope and faith, to be happy, etc. etc. etc.

Idk if any of that even made sense, but it's hard to put thoughts into sentences and make it sound alright so that it makes sense...if it makes sense to me in my head then it's ALLLLRRRIIIITTTEEE :)

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People are the worst things

People are the worst things in life and should all be banished from existence. Yes I know that even means me.

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I pretty much agree with 808chick

even when people do really odd things, or things that might seem rude, there is usually a perfectly logical explanation for it and if you find out what makes somebody tick, you'll probably like them. Or at least not hate them.

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I disagree

I do beleive that, deep down, humans are nothing but sick selfish beings. But they are perfectly capable of being wonderful if they try

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Humans in a natural state by which I mean one where there is adequate food, water and access to shelter and no-one has significantly more than the other are prone to 'goodness' (whatever that means).

If their survival is unthreatened, like most animals, they are not dangerous.

But although most comfortable, well-fed people are 'nice' that doesn't mean they are 'moral'. Dehumanisation of outsiders is incredably easy to manipulate. Unfortunately we've evolved to indentify outsiders. However 'rehumanisation' is fortunately easy. There was a good article in the last issue New Scientist about this. I'll try to post it later, but I can't remember the password.

Basically the relevent bit is this: researchers showed photos of people belonging to different social groups and monitored activity in the medial prefrontal cortex, a brain region known to light up in response to social stimuli. When a group where shown pictures of 'extreme' outsider social groups (drug addicts, beggars) there was no activity registered there- suggesting the participants unconciously interpreted these individuals as literally sub-human. In a second experiment the effect could be reversed by asking the participants simple questions about the people in the pictures ("what sort of vegatable do you think this beggar would like?". Activity in the mPFC would be significantly raised.

It's like why do you think they took away a persons name in the concentration camps?
People can do terrible things but only if they can forget the victims humanity.
So long as people are able to maintain empathy and rationality then they'll be alright.
It's just you need basic needs to be met before you can remember how to be rational and how to empathise.

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you have a good idea. and i

you have a good idea. and i have no follow up. just letting you know... good thought.

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Hi, first, I think is is absolutely a genius question. Kudos.

Second, my opinion. In one of his most famous pieces, The Prince Machiavelli describes how people, no matter how righteous or noble they may be, are really going about obtaining their own goals. As he states, "the ends justify the means" ergo, people either strive for their goals in a nice way, or a deceptive and wicked way. Many find themselves achieving said means through the latter. And furthermore, trusting another human being with secrets (such as sexuality) can be a hindering maneuver, given the true nature of man's heart.

Now, this may seem like something of a cinical view on life, but I find that if you find yourself in a situation where you need to trust someone, it is safest to give them as little as possible to maintain the status quo. This is not to saw however that every individual has your downfall high on their to-do list, but rather that thier priorities are much higher up than yours are on that list.

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I am not even going to try

I am not even going to try and compete with the intellectual superlativeness of the people who have already commented on this topic. I will simply say that I think that most people have good hearts and that they strive to be and do good. I also believe that at the heart of most evil, cruelty and oppression is insecurity - about oneself, one's God, one's family...whatever. When you look at all the harm that people inflict on one another, at the base of almost all of it is insecurity. If people are secure in their faith, in their heritage, in their sexuality, why on Earth should they insist that everyone else be exactly like them? Why should diversity pose a threat if you are fundamentally secure in your own beliefs? Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein - all extremely insecure, paranoid people. I can't think of a single serial killer of oppressive despot who was not, at heart, deeply insecure. I don't think we spend nearly enough time in our society addressing people's insecurities these days and, as a result, we are seeing more and more people acting out against those things that they believe represent a threat to their beliefs and their way of life. It's something that, as a planet, we really ought to work on.

Group hug!

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"I am not even going to try and compete with the intellectual superlativeness of the people who have already commented on this topic."
Are we being ever so slightly snide Mr Childs?

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Actually I was being

Actually I was being completely sincere.

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- Pat Nelson Childs
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Really? I think I must be a


I think I must be a rubbish human.

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Mine is simple: Everbody is

Mine is simple: Everbody is looking for the same things. Happiness, security... things like that. And when people are mean, it's probably because they're being denied those kinds of things... in short... we're all the same deep down inside.

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I think all people are the same, born with boundless joy, enthusiasm, and wisdom.

As people grow up, they are told things that are wrong: their social status, religion, and all sorts of ego karmic conditioning that makes people se themselves as less than, oppressed, and "other" to a large extent, when in fact, we are all one.

All frustration in our life is created by who we were told, and subsequently believed, we were, in relation to all of these false images of who everyone else is. Which you can see when you interact with young children, they have no hesitation about pursuing what interests them in the moment, they are purely living in the now. They want to play, crawl, eat, cry, it is all without attaching a false story to everything and then believing it and basing their future actions because of that falseness.

It is why I can't see anyone as an enemy, only someone who believed a story that requires oppression and hatred for their world to make sense.

Stripping back and removing as many of these dumb layers has been much of what I focus on these days. Lots of good teachers on this stuff, though, they're all available to find out more. Cheri Huber, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie. It's all out there.


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i don't think people have an absolute core commonality. i do think that there are definate trents, and i think that one of the biggest trends, especially among people in their teen to mid twenties, is to go against trends, which is very postmodern...
i think that there are just some things you shouldn't delve into too deeply, one of those things is god, another is love and another is life....and peole are definately one of those things as well. people are largely products of their environments, i know that for a fact. i lived in a desert in israel in a little (but very secure) community of no more than 100 people for ten years, it's quite an elitist society because not anybody can move there, you have to undertake a residensy and get accepted. then i moved to a rural town in outback australia, people there were very different, a lot more laid back, a cultural thing also yes, but also because of their physical environment. then i moved to the city which is where i am now, and people again are very different. apart from that, i've also taken in a big cross section of social setttings, we used to have a small amount of money and i was very unpopular at school and hung around with girls. then when we moved we had more money and i also became more popular and hung around with the bad boys at school. then i switched and hung around with the popular boys and girls, then again and i hung around with one guy only, than again and hung around with a group of intellegent people, then when i moved to the city my dad made more money again and now i'm hanging around with both very intellegent artistic people and very simple people.
what i'm getting to is that none of these groups of people were the same, and now that i'm out i also hang around with homo's, which again are very different, the diversity of people is far too large to pin people down.

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They Make Good Meatloaf

No, but collectively, looking at the state of the world: I'd say the majority are rather stupid, self-destructive, impulsive in the worst possible ways, and most don't have a clue on what they want or why they want. Most don't think for themselves either, prefering to let someone else tell them what to do; thereby abdicating as much responsibility of their own lives as possible.
Like doing things because it's traditional, even if tradition makes life harder?
Doing things because everyone else does it, even if it destroys the planet?

Of course there are exceptions, but not enough to make the world a better place. . .yet.

Gotta wait until after the war and environmental devistation, after most of us are killed off, and hopefully the survivors wake up for a while, until it all deteriorates again, I guess.