When you were coming out did you

Tell lots of people around the same time?
12% (2 votes)
Tell one or two at first then leave it a while?
71% (12 votes)
Didn't really tell a lot of people just let them find out themselves?
6% (1 vote)
12% (2 votes)
Total votes: 17


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I stood on chair in PSE

I stood on chair in PSE one morning and gave a speech.

I think that qualifies as option 1. But of course I'd already told all my close friends and well it was a bit of an open secret.

At my current school I've gone with option 3. A very ineffective method, but slightly more dignified.

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not done with that yet

I still have lots of people to come out to. i came out to my brother first, waited a couple of months, came out to my mom, and then came out to my other brother. A couple days after that I came out to a good friend of mine, and those are all the people I'm out to. So i guess i qualify as 'Tell one or two at first then leave it a while?'

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I'm out to all my friends,

I'm out to all my friends, all my immediate family, and some extended. I'm working under the "let everyone else find out for themselves" rule. If I'm not hearing about their crushes, they don't hear about mine.

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I did two of the options...

I did two of the options... I both didnt' really tell people and let them find out for themselves, and I told a lot of people at once... because everyone seemed to find out for themselves on their own at the same time. It went well nonetheless.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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it was like all three--first

it was like all three--first i just told 2, then a bit after that a lot of people, then i stopped and now im like "if you dont know already, thats your fault and ill only actually TELL you if you ask" but with the third thing im not hiding it--just not openly saying it (although i do talk about queer stuff all the time so yeah)


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In seventh grade my friend

In seventh grade my friend started asking me who I had a crush on, so I told her, my crush, and another friend. I didn't say anything more until eighth grade. Now I feel like standing up on a lunch table and yelling "I'm lesbian and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop trying to pretend like my kind doesn't exist!"

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I told the one girl I knew

I told the one girl I knew would tell the entire school and let it go from there... easier that way I think.