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After school all day yesterday and work last night, I really was hoping to see Jerry even though I knew he had a practice after school. It was too much to expect and I know that now. I feel bad that I even suggested in my journal that he might visit me after practice. He has a lot on his plate right now and I forget.
Tonight I am getting Gena (one of the witresses at the coffeeshop) to cover for me so I can go see Jerry's concert. I will have to work for her Sunday but I don't mind.
We were so busy last night that I didn't even notice the time and when it was time to close, I was way behind in my backwork. I stayed another hour to get the place cleaned up.
Brenda, an older woman who works the morning shift, really gets pissy if things aren't just right. Two nights ago I had missed one sugar holder and the salt and pepper shakers for a table in the back used mostly by employees on their breaks. Brenda almost had me drawn and quartered.
Jerry's concert starts at 6:00 P.M. and as I said he is a cellist in the orchestra. One of these days I like to get together with him and work on composing some music. My Corg Synthesthizer can do a really nice string background and would work well with a lead cello.
Maybe we could do a nice New Age number or two with some downloaded rhythem from my Roland.
Like we will ever have the time to do any of this ..........but it's a good thought.
I told Jerry that I would try to be at the concert and I hope he will be surprised that I followed through and came. It is not considered the "loyal" thing to do since my school is also having an event tonight but I don't know anyone that is playing at our school.