Work... The Sequel

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Well. After five months of hell working with "Jane Doe", who (how shall I put this kindly... oh, hell, there is NO way to put it nicely) was an absolute b*tch, she finally got fired. Jane was one of the biggest homophobes at my work, and harassed me to no end, and even tried to out me to my family before I was ready. Luckily, my grandmother chose denial, which has bought me time to work up the courage (and finances) to be able to come out. I will need to be living on my own, because of the fact that I fear my dad would kick me out. Anyhow, I digress. Jane got fired (as well as a friend of mine, which was a shame, because she didn't really do anything wrong, per se. It was more guilt by association. Same with Jane, but I was glad to see her go.) because she and my friend, "Clarisse", allowed a mutual friend of theirs hang out in the store for four hours during a third shift, and the friend starting using racial slurs against African-Americans, while an African-American was in the store. The two workers, Jane and Clarisse, got fired, and their friend, "Gloria", got barred from the store. Also, right after all this, I mentioned to my district manager that Jane had been harassing me for being gay, and he said that the next time that ANYBODY says one thing about me being gay, he wants me to call him immediately on his cell phone and let him know, and that they will be given two write-ups and/or fired, depending on the severity of the offence, their previous write-ups, and his mood du jour.

Also, I realized that today, being the 11th of March, I have been at Speedway for 6 months, and as of midnight this morning, I have been making $7.25 an hour, which is 25c more than I have been making the last three months. And also, between midnight and 6 am, I make an additional 25c per hour for a shift premium. However, with Congress changing DST to this weekend, I had to do eight hours of work and only get paid for seven hours.

Anyhow, enough of a bitch session for now. Time to get some sleep.


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Well that's a shame about

Well that's a shame about your friend, but I'm pleased your employer is being so responsible. At least it will be a better place to work for- even if those hours are horrible...