Would you be a homophobe??

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I was just wondering if you weren't gay do you think you would be a homophobe?Or how different do you think your views on homosexuality would be?

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I don't think I'd be

I don't think I'd be homophobic. I mean, my aunts are lesbian....and of course, I grew up in NYC with liberal parents. So, yeah, I don't think I'd be homophobic.

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oh yes, everyone single one

oh yes, everyone single one of those faggots should burn in hell or i'll go there and burn them myself

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This is a question almost

This is a question almost impossible to answer by most people here. For example, how would you react if you had cancer? What would you do if you're whole family died in a car crash?

People regularly react totally different to these situations than people would expect them to, or how they would expect to react themselves. In much the same way it would be very difficult to guage a true answer if you asked a neo-nazi, "Would you change your mind if you were gay?"

I've never felt self loathing, I've never had anti-gay feelings prior to realising I was gay, so I can only guess that I wouldn't have been. Nevertheless, some of my other views would be considered conservative (i.e. my stance on immigration) so who knows what would have happened? I know for a fact that being gay has made me rethink some of my original prejudices and opinions, so if my sexuality was put in reverse maybe I would have been a homophobe?

I definitely think if I weren't gay then I would have maintained some of the stupid conservative idealisms introduced to me when I was very young by my father. Being as stubborn as I am perhaps I would have retained them despite all liberal arguments too? I don't know for sure. I hope not.

The thing is, even as a gay man I consider myself fairly open. I don't think because I am gay that that automatically means it isn't sinful, immoral or decadent. That would be ignorant. However, I have had very objective debates with myself and on the net. My own conclusions have forced me to realise that there is nothing wrong with being gay, that it is a biological result therefore perfectly natural and that therefore in its very nature it is not immoral. I certainly see no evidence to suggest it would lead to the erosion of the institution of marriage or that it will lead to the downfall of a normal society. I like to think that had I not been gay, should this argument been presented to me, I would have come to the same conclusions.

After all this I continue to take into consideration arguments against homosexuality, and then I break those arguments down and criticise them based on my own experiences and what I have read from numerous sources. Despite my best attempts to avoid bias I have always come to what I believe a logical and fair opinion on homosexuality. And it's not always gay-friendly. I don't approve of gay promiscuity for example. Nevertheless, I wouldn't condemn people who are promiscuous to inequality, prison or death, and nor would I condemn homophobes to such a fate either (if I had the choice).

All in all, your question doesn't hold an answer from my court. All I can say is that given my tendency to fairly and logically answer all issues, including those that contend with my own morals and beliefs, I wouldn't have come to a homophobic conclusion had I not been gay.

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Because of the religious and

Because of the religious and anti-gay programming my mom put me through when I was younger (programming that made me hate myself for a while) I would probably be homophobic if I happened to be straight.

Though, there's the distinct possibility that I would have rebelled against my mom in all ways, politically and religiously, and ended up not being homophobic... who knows?

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I used to have some homophobic feelings

but I think it came mostly from ignorance. I mean, I've grown up in a very liberal and welcoming church in a not-too-homophobic town while doing theater. I probably wouldn't have been homophobic anyway.

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I had some mildly homophobic feelings when I was much younger,though I have never been surrounded by much homophobia.I'm not sure if my homophobic feelings were genuine homophobia or denial of my own gay feelings.

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I'm naturally vindictive, so

I'm naturally vindictive, so while I don't think I'd have super-duper hatred for an entire group of people, I think I would be a bit over borderline homophobic, were I straight. But being gay makes me feel like I've got a far BETTER viewpoint on life, and especially other people - so yay.

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Maybe a lil

If i wasnt gay i think i would be a lot like my parents because thats how i was before i accepted it myself. I dont think i would be a "God hates fags" Fred Phelps sort of person though, in any alternate universe would i ever be that cruel. I would be more of the "let them do what they want just keep me out of it" attitude.

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I think...

...I probably wouldn't have been homophobic if I were straight. After all, I have two grandmothers who are lesbians, and I've always enjoyed listening to Melissa Etheridge, even when I found out she was gay while I was still in denial about my sexuality. I'd probably be a radical straight ally who says things like, "Who cares whether he/she's gay or straight? Just leave him/her alone and mind your own business."

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u kidding me!? i'd go out everynight looking for twinkies and stab them in the eye with a spoon!!!! woudn't take on the lesbians though they're hurt me!

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No I wouldn't, my parents

No I wouldn't, my parents raised me very open-minded. (They even took me to a gay science fiction convention when I was 11 because I didn't want to stay home. XD (They're not gay, but my moms favorite author was there. And of course there was dancing, food, fireworks (It was 4th of July) and science fiction why not go?))

Though it's weird to imagine myself straight... X_X REALLY weird. Me? Straight? Not possible.

Just a thought; It would be interesting to ask homophobic people "If you were gay would you still be homophobic?" But I don't think it's possible to get a real answer out of that.

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Thats an interesting

way of looking at it-asking homophobes what their views would be if they were gay,but most homophobes seem to presume being gay is a choice.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Exactly. And if you tried to

Exactly. And if you tried to give them a "what if" situation. Like "What if it wasn't a choice and you were?" they'd probably just totally ignore the question. (Not saying it is a choice, because it isn't but you know what I mean.)

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Hahahaha, even before I knew

Hahahaha, even before I knew I was gay, i never had any problem with it. ... But then, I *did* like dick. ... I second what campfire said...

Guys are pretty confusing, and apparently drooling over them doesn't really break the ice...

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OI can't see it, I never had a problem with any wierd sexuality

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I'd like to say no but there is a good chance i would be because of how I was raised.

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Um, no, because my aunts are

Um, no, because my aunts are gay and my religion and family all are totally fine with being LGBT.

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No before I found out/ relized I was gay I didn't have a problem with gay people had some friends actually.

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Actually I used to be completely homophobic. I suppose I was just in denial... :D

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at one point I THOUGHT I was straight, and though I was ignorant about homosexuality in general, in no way was I a homophobe. In fact, I was quite outspoken about gay rights, and extremely interested in everything gay. Yeah....go figure.

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umm, I'm gay and a homophobe...

and yes, I would definitely be homophobic and radically against homosexuality if I didn't know that it wasn't my choice to be gay...yeah, I would definitely be a homophobe...no doubt about it. almost all guys are, so yeah.

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I don't think so. My whole

I don't think so. My whole life has been a long and painful discovery of how much oppression there really is in this world (a task made more difficult by the fact that society has been lying to me and refuses to tell the truth), and even if I were straight that is what it would be. So hating people who are different would be hating myself, because I'm not just different because I'm homosexual, I'm different because I'm me.

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I grew up in an extremely sheltered enviroment. I lived with my grandparents five days a week because my parents worked 12 hour schedules during the week (and were cheap enough to just use the grandparents as baby-sitters... go figure). My grandparents (Dad's mother and stepdad) are conservative Protestents, and homophobic, "God hates everyone who doesn't line up to THIS standard only" type of people. Seeing as I still live with them five days a week, I am still exposed to the same ignorance that I have been exposed to for the last nineteen years. So in answer to the question, if I were straight, I would be homophobic, yes. As 'twere, I didn't even recognise or accept my feelings until I was 17, and until then, I was one of the ones acting out against gays. And if I have ever hurt anyone one this site in the past, I apologise most profusely.


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no, because ive got an

no, because ive got an extreamly liberal family, and my aunt is bi (although i didnt know till i came out), and i just doubt it

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I just found out that i liked girls AND guys not to long ago, and even before i knew that i was tolarant of gay people. So i give myself a pat on the back for being so open minded, hehe*!!!

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i used to be straight and

i used to be straight and unfortunately...homophobic. damn now look at me...i'm a lesbian and i love gay people LMAO :D!!

but honestly, if i was still straight...i think i would've still been homophobic...how sad is that? :(

i think that actually 'finding' myself and realizing who i am, was able to let me view things such as homosexuals in a different way and i think that it changed my life for the better.

i feel as though. i've become a better person :)

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I dont think i could be

I dont think i could be homophobic, I wouldnt have any good fashion advice... But seriously, I was brought up in a semi-liberal family and have gay family members so i dont think it is possible


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