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I am impressed with all of you who noted me after my post about being gay. Thank you all so much. I feel for the first time, like I have some friends who understand and it really makes me feel better about myself.

I really get it now. It's all about not trying to be what people expect from you just because you are gay. I will take that with me and remember it always.
Yesterday, there was a ralley at the state capitol in Salem Oregon by those who are trying to assist the state in refining its laws regarding the treatment of gay and lesbian partners. One part simply says the state cannot discriminate in the work place or in public places and the other part gives basic rights to people who are in partnerships.

I was impressed by this one man who said that he and his partner had been together for 26 years and had never in those 26 years, spent a day apart, outside of work and other commitments. He said that he and his partner had supported each other through the deaths of both their parents but that if one of them were to become ill, a hospital would not allow the other to make life and death decisions about the other's care.
"We are all we have," he said. "I could tell my partner to never keep me alive on life support but as far as the hospital goes, he would have no say in the matter and they could feed me through a tube and keep me on a ventilator for ever if they so chose."
That is frightening!
He went on to say that the state did not recognize the other partner as "next of kin" and therefore had no obligation to follow any directives given by them.
I let that all sink in for a while and then I realized what a nightmare that would be for a gay couple to be caught in.
Say I fall in love with this guy and we are together for like, ever and then one day I am in a car crash and sent to the emergency ward dying of my injuries. My partner somehow hears of the crash and hurries to be by my side only to be turned away at the emergency room door. The one person I want to be with me as I breathe my last breath is told, "I'm sorry sir but you are not family or next of kin."
I would die never seeing the face that I love and care about because we are not recognized as a couple.

There was also these people there that were opposed to the law passing. It was their belief that it would cause the state to spend more money because accomodations would have to be made for gay people in public places and at work sites.
What accomodation is he talking about.
He went on to say that a church may be required to retain a gay employee even if they were opposed to homosexuality because of the law.
That is just pure evangelistic fear factor.
There are Mormon people of all ages that are commiting suicide because they are told that being gay is against the church teaching. They are so loyal to the church that they would die for what they are being told is wrong.
I forget what the website is but if you "GOOGLE" the name Carlyle Marsden, you will find a man who was a scholar and a music teacher in the mormon church who commited suicide in his fiifties because he was outed to his community. Further more his grandson killed himself on the same date some 20 years later because he was gay. What a waste!

Mormon suicide is at almost epidemic levels because the church has them convinced that it would be better to die than to be gay.
The comedian Paul Lind was doing fine working for the Donnie and Maried show some years back when he was outed by the Salt Lake Police. He was immediately fired from the show by the matriarch of the Osmond family who happen to be Mormon.

I was raised Catholic and I can say that the Catholic church is not real happy about gay folks either but there are organizations within the church that assist gay members, not kill them. Dignity is a Catholic organization for gay members and although they advocate abstanance from sex altogether, at least they don't have blood on their hands.
Man that is just some scarey stuff!


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it's frightening...

that so many queer mormons are killing themselves. Of course, I knew that gay people are more likely to commit suicide, but i had no idea it was becoming such an epidemic in the mormon community. Thanks for helping be become aware of that. As for the gay marriage issue, I'm just so happy that I live in Canada, where if I fall in love with a woman and want to marry her, I'll be able to.
I was raised Catholic too. When I was younger, religion was a big part of my life, and I'm really happy about that because it gave me strength and hope and helped me to become the person I am today. There's nothing wrong with religion in itself. What's wrong is people using it as a reason to exclude others. I think religion should be about inclusion, not exclusion, and those who use it for exclusion are often afraid - afraid of thinking for themselves(they want religious rules to think for them), afraid of not belonging to a group, and afraid of God sending them to Hell.
I remember when I was younger in catholic school, there was lots of talk about igniting the scary wrath of God if you did something wrong. This terrified me as a little girl, but luckily, as I grew up, I began to realize that I would see God as neverending, forgiving love, not as a scary old guy in the clouds who was eagerly awaiting to banish me into burning flames as soon as I broke a sacred rule. Unfortunately, some people never outgrow their fear, and it's really sad - especially if they're gay and their fear makes them hate themselves.
All churches should teach the importance of being true to yourself, not morphing into a twisted version of yourself that God will supposedly like better.
So yeah, there's my little bit about religion.
Oh, and by the way, WELCOME to oasis! :0) :0)

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Amen Damon


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Welcome to our world. And remeber america is one of the most gay-friendly countries in it

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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I'm a fake Catholic. I went to a convent school and have always been one conversion away from religious mania. I'm an athiest (fortunately for everyone because if I had God on my side I'd be utterly murderlicious).
Many of my very close friends are practising Catholics, a few of them are quite devout. For most of them their beliefs about homosexuality (and contraception for that matter) and definately out of line with official doctrine. But they love God and love their religion.

Are you still a practising Catholic?