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Has anybody got any tips to get over those anoyong warm and fuzzy feelings that I shouldn't be having for my friend.I thought I was over it.Thought I was fine with it.But the last couple of weeks she has been distant with me and now I just seem to be missing her ten times worse.I keep telling myself I wont call her,I wont text her,that I will get on with things.But still I find myself back at the computer hopeing she will chat to me for a while.Its driving me insane,and it is stupid.It is starting to get in the way of my college work...everything.Blah its stupid and I know I need to get past it.
Arrrgggghh,this entry was a bit pointless,I guess i'm just feeling a bit sad.Boo hoo i'll get over it,eventually.so yeah laterz.


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spin around three and

Spin around three times and swallow a spoonful of orange juice.

Honestly, though, I find negative qualities about the person to make me despise them, but a friend? That's kinda brutal, so I dunno. Well, Feel better soon, kay?

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD

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Thats ironic

Thats ironic I'm going though the same thing. I thought I had got over "Alex" (girl) but its spring break now and I find myself sad that we haven't talked like really sad then I got pissed at her for not calling so I called her and we talked for around 4 hours and I just came back from lunch with her and don't feel like I like her. I guess I don't like her like that I just like her being around.