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Happy Easter Everyone :D

Today started as an inspiring/exciting/& fun day, but turned into a tiring/interesting/& frustrating day.

I woke up three times this morning. At 3 then 6 and finally at 7 when my dad woke me up to ask if i wanted to go to church with him and my cousins. i, like always, say yes whenever it comes to getting out of the house and cruising with my dad and cousins.

I'm not much of a church person, but i'm not the kind of person who doesn't believe in God...i just don't like how some churches teach and the things they believe in (not all in bible) especially when it comes to gays, which irritates me. But church went fine. i lovee'd the guy that was a guest. he sang really good and his song was pretty cool (he was blind & the song wasn't really much the same as regular church-y songs).

"It's Easter...And it's time to DANCE" XD

After the service we decided that we were gonna go to the beach 'cause it was still early and stuffies. So we went home got ready, went to my cousin Eddy & Jr's house to eat (it was yumm. yummy.), then left to go to the beach.

It turns out that we had to wait for Eddy to pick up his gf in town which...is far! so we ate again at the shrimp truck...yum yum lol. they finally came...the gf is so antisocial. i understand that she may feel weird 'cause (no 'fense or anything) she's the only white one there, but hey my other friend is like white and she had no problem with hanging out and being cool with my family.

*shrug* idk what but i don't really like her anyways lol. but well it also turned out that where we wanted to go was blocked off 'cause there was a rock slide earlier this week and it was still unsafe to drive through. so we went towards another place where we ended up NOT swimming and the guys were playing around with their skateboards down the dirt hills...boring for me 'cause i wanted to swim.

wait wait. the good part is coming lol.

when we got there. Eddy's gf immediately started walking away from us and just kept on walking and not stopping. we were all like "WTF?", it turned out that Eddy's friend, Tony who drove them there said something and Eddy's gf couldn't handle the topic...got mad and stormed out of the car.

:/...i understand that what they were talking about was a lil bit vulgar, but it's guys (no 'fense) most of them think more with their dick than their head.

so she ran off. Eddy waited awhile until my cousin Jay told him to go after her...he went after her. he didn't even come back nor did she after about 2 or 3 hours and Eddy didn't have his phone while his gf didn't even answer hers. Everyone was getting pissed because we wanted to go somewhere to swim, but we couldn't leave without them.

We were looking all over the area...no sign of either one of them & it was out in the country so it wasn't a good place to get stuck at night. the gf ended up finally answering her phone and said that she got a ride with her friends and that Eddy was still out there somewhere. OMFG.

7 hours later. He called up my cousin Jay. turns out he found his friends house and it was good thing 'cause it was already dark and in the country there ain't no lights around. so met them at 7 eleven and we finally got him.

i'm tired. & hoping that i don't have my 'monthly' visitor. my cousin Jess got hers today and was in pain...she's in the ER right now. so suckie. i hope she's alright.

well...idk what imma do now. later gators.


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Oh! I hope your cousin is

Oh! I hope your cousin is alright (the one in the ER)!
jeeez, what a dramatic girlfriend. :P If she's going to go stomping off in the first place, she could at least answer the phone so you know she's not stranded in the country.
7 hours! That sucks. :( But at least the beginning of the day was fun, right? XD