a very long absence...to be continued...

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yeah...i was gone quite awhile before i made the post on the 18...and it's been about 3 days since then...and idk how long more i won't be on until i get a new computer.

it really sucks. i just thought it'd act up for a couple of days but then those couple of days turned into a week and yeah...so my computer is a goner. well...lol...it was given to me by my aunt who had it since 1993 i think lol. so yeah it was made to "die" lol. poor thing though.

hmmm...i guess since i have the whole night, i can do an update.

1) my dad came back this morning from Korea. i wanted a book (i'm easy to please lol). but instead, he forgot about the book and bought me a Coach bag. very very intersting. i'm a girl yeash and i guess i should be super happy lol. but i'm not really the kind of girl to get expensive things or really want expensive things. i'm happy though. at least i got something lol.

2) i got screwed...not literally screwed by someone but on Friday the 13th. surprisingly it went pretty good in the first part of the day then i went to pick up my last paycheck...i got jipped about almost a $100. but i still had some money so i wanted to cancel my phone with my ex (i was happy with that part). so since i was going to cancel my phone i needed to buy a new one, so i did and everything was going pretty well...until it turns out i had to pay for my bill right then and there instead of the one week they give and i had to take that out of the $200 i had for the cancellation, so i couldn't cancel it :(

3) my ex picked up the money for the bill since i couldn't cancel it....she came with another girl. i have nothing more to say.

...uhhhhh idk what else lol. i can't think right now. my tummy ish sore :(

since my dad came home we were like...out the whole day. we went to the beach 'cause my cousin's friends were there...we went kyaking (we tipped over 'cause my dad them were acting like "pirates" lol and then we played two-hand touch football. i'm TIRED!! lol.

ah...O_o i'm soooo out of it lol.

*here's a message to my text buddy;

i really like talking to you. you're funny and cool. hope that everything's good with you. i hope that i get to talk to you again :)

well. imma call this a night. hopefully i get to come back on soon..on someone else's comp lol. but if not then i hope everyone take cares and stay happy :)


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Oh, you could totally use my

Oh, you could totally use my computer! It's really pretty, and really cool, and it's a laptop so it could beon your lap whileyoursittingonmylap! *cough* Anyway, crazy about the kayeking. Sounds silly. And sorry about your ex. But you don't need her.

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD

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haha...sure that sounds...ah

haha...sure that sounds...ah lol. can't find a word for it. it's in my head though ;P. yeah i've been realizing things and i don't need her. thanks.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"