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well. today thought was going to be a bad day 'cause; 1) i had to rush out of my house 'cause i was almost late (didn't brush my hair btw), 2) my seirra mist sprayed on me this morning, 3) it was hella freezing but i forgot my sweater, and 4) i'm stressed 'cause we only have like 2 more months of school then break...and then imma senior. *faint*

**aw...i didn't mean that i was lonely lonely. i know i gotcha & you got me ;)** day turned out alright 'cause i ended up having a good time with my friend after drivers ed. idk. i didn't want to go home, so i called her up and i met her and we just walked around. funnie. she ended up losing her phone and was going crazy 'cause her phone is her life lol.

we ate at this small chinese place called Pearl's Chinese Kitchen (i think that's what its called lol) && we ended up have a good one-on-one talk. it was all good. 'cause i swear i didn't know that she cared that much. i almost cried lol. i was tearing.

'cause we got on the subject of my ex and she got all frustrated because she was like, " i don't understand how you can do so much then dump it all" i totally didn't know that she thought bout it. i thought bout it a lot. you know. we tried so hard for everything in our relationship...i went against my family and my rep in my family changed and it was all for her. but then she dumped it all...just because of another girl. i thought she loved me, well, fuck it. we had a really good talk.

now. i at least know that she knows what i'm going through and it fucking sucks. but whatever. anyways....i got the prom pics :)

it's so cool. but i like the keychain pic better lol. my friend was making fun of me 'cause in the pic we took with the background not the keychain one...i was sitting/laying on the ground and she was like OMG i can see your underwear lmao XD. NO!!!!!

it is not my underwear lol. it's the under part of the dress which was a tan color hehe. i'll see if i can put up the pic later.

oOo i found another story. it's called Accidental Love. i lovee' it. lol. i love reading stories online. i have 2 more chapter to go :).

yeah i'm kinda rambling but i'm sorta dehydrated and tired 'cause i only had 2 hours of sleep...'cause of that damn story lol. but it's so good. hehe. i was trying to read chapter 11, which turns out to be the sex scene lol but i couldn't concentrate on any of the words and yeah.

so imma finish that story after i fix up my dad's myspace...then i be back on here. ta ta for now :)


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Ooo. If you're on

Ooo. If you're on fictionpress, try the author crazywriter. He's got some really good lgbt stuff, almost all focused on girls. I love that sight, even if most of my own postings are bad poetry. XD

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yeah i love fictionpress

yeah i love fictionpress lol. i'll go look him up. what's us name thingy on fictionpress? i wouldn't mind reading some poetry :)

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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Hmm. On fictionpress,

Hmm. On fictionpress, I'm...... Thought. Yes. *nods* I'm apparently also sleep deprived at the moment.

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sleep deprived as the name

sleep deprived as the name sleep deprived? or are you really sleep deprived? lol. sorrie im also sleep deprived thats why.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"