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Story number one "S guesses my crush on C": S [one of my best friends that I'm out to, for those of you who don't remember from my journals back] told during 6th period Spanish that she had a question for me. So after class we went to our counselor for community college crap and then out to the parking lot.

I say "So what's your question?" She looks at me and looks around "I feel kind of wierd asking you..." Me: "Do you want to sit in my car and ask me." So we get in and shut the door. Again she says "I feel wierd asking but... I kind of feel or assume that you have a crush on [C]..." I was slightly shocked that that was her question, but I felt this burst of relief. No one knew of my liking for C. Anyway, my response was a slow nod of my head and then:

"Well, it's faded. But it kind of comes back. It's just that she's straight... " etc. We talked a bit about it. About how it sucks because C and I are so close and she's so friendly but then WHAM she's straight. S was sympathetic and understanding, and that's what I love about having such nice best friends. Now I have someone to talk to when my feelings start to re-occur, which is kind of happening.

I also told S about the alliance group I was going to after she got the hell out of my car and she said "Oh call me and tell me how it goes, and what you find out about it and such." Which leads me to my next story:

"My Local Alliance Group": There's one in this fucking city-- The Ventura Rainbow Alliance. It was the only thing I found online, so I jotted down the address, and went on down this afternoon. The place is empty when I get there, and one guy comes out and I tell him I just want to know about what they do and such.

He tells me about the Youth Empowerment Group, held every Friday [I'm so going tonight, btw] and that catches my interest. That's really what I want, to socialize with people my age who are gay are going through the same thing. He says that's exactly what they're there for, and that I'm more than welcome to come anytime. They run other things too, like free HIV/AIDs testing, fights against AIDs, do Pride walks, mental health care, etc.

I asked him if they were the only organization in Ventura, and he said they are. Bummer, but at least they're there. I can't wait to go!


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Aw, your friend is so sweet.

Aw, your friend is so sweet. Have fun tonight!!!

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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good luck tonight

i'm sure you'll have fun. keep us posted!