anyone remember me?

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so i havent posted a journal in about 9 or 10 months but i came on yesterday to post a discussion topic and decided to give you all an update.

not sure if anyone will actually remember me. i used to be quite an active member when i was still at school. im 18 now, living in edinburgh scotland and at uni.

so since i last wrote i have moved away from home. ive been living in halls of residence but im moving in with a couple of friends very soon. ive got a girlfriend who ive now been with for nearly 8 months - its going well, shes great! i have my exams in a week so im kind of freaking about those (although doing anything i can to avoid work). im LGBT president for my uni for the coming year which will be cool - i really want to help people struggling with their sexuality/ coming out.

i feel like ive changed so much. i was always out to everyone at home but i feel like its not evn an issue her - im just completely open. my mum has met my girlfriend and she liked her. i dont really get a chance to write poetry or paint any more which used to be my biggest passions. im not so upset about not writing because i used that when i was going through hard times and i dont need it now that im so happy but paintign is different. i have been painting regularly since i was 4 and i miss it but i cant do it here in halls. i cant wait til i move and can start again.

summer should be fun - me and my girlfriend are both staying in the city for summer. im working in a bar along with 2 other jobs so ill be busy but still get lots of time for fun stuff.

i think thats about everything i have to say. how is everyone? any of my friends/ any one who remembers me still on here?

rowie x


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oh, oh, i remember you!!!

oh, oh, i remember you!!! Welcome back!!!! YAY!!!

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hahaha, I remember those

hahaha, I remember those boots!! Welcome back!

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I remember you!

It sounds like life is going pretty happily. Yay!

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I do!!!!! you sound awesome.

I do!!!!! you sound awesome. i missed you.

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How could anyone forget

How could anyone forget those little red boots.. .. :)

sounds like life is treating you well

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i remember those little red boots too:)

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yes... those boots... i

yes... those boots... i always recognized em lol well good ta have ya back, stop in more often :)

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I saw the name and I was

I saw the name and I was like "Red boots?" and then I was right! WOoo!


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of course i remember you

of course i remember you dear.


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yeah I remember you

It's good to hear things are goin pretty sweet for you :]

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I guess I should post that I remember you, but if you ain't gunna log on for another 9 months, eh...


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of course I remember you!!! lol.

well, it's cool that ur doin' well and all that..I'd type more, but i broke two of my fingers today, so yeah...welcome back.

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