Baby Remember My Name: Book Review

by -Ruby-

I know they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”… but when you pick up this book, dark and glossy, with a front cover of two chicks making out and back cover of anthology editor Michelle Tea in a tank top revealing her sexy tattoos… you just sense that you’re in for something good. Oh baby, you’re SO right. Baby Remember My Name is a collection of 22 short stories by young women from across America. They’re provocative, poetic, cute, funny, bittersweet, heartbreaking, raw, and real.

“Juan the Brave” is about a young girl named Erica, who wants to be a boy and struggles to fit into her tight Latino family and community. “T-Ten” is narrated by ten-year-old Chelsea, who’s trying to stay out of trouble with her mom and teacher, while attempting to scrape up enough cash to buy birthday presents for herself and her twin sister. “Snow Fight” takes you through the wild day-to-day adventures in a tough “ghetto” inner-city high school. “Sunshine in the Fat End” is told by Jessie, an adolescent girl living in a trailer park with an autistic brother, crackhead mom and her abusive boyfriend. In “Part 1: Tumbleweed” Scarlet shares her journey from New York to California with her best friend and sometimes lover, working as a stripper and sometimes prostitute.

The authors are all gay, bi, trans, or otherwise “queer”. Some pieces barely mention sexuality at all, whereas others include highly erotic situations. You can find hot girl-on-girl scenes in “Coming-Out versus Sex versus Making Love” and “Tail of a Bondage Model” (the titles may be somewhat of a hint). The book also includes two illustrated stories excerpted from graphic novels. This ain’t no "Chicken Soup for the Soul."

At the end of each story, the problems aren’t neatly solved or wrapped up with profound revelations. Within these pages, however, you’ll find something that deeply echoes your own life. A reflection of your own experiences, fantasies, fears and desires. Baby Remember My Name is an inspiration to draw your own stories out of you in a cool and creative way.


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"Tail of a Bondage Model"

hehe I like the sound of that title.


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