brain fart

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i feel like i'm having a day-long brain fart....

like my brain simply decided to stop working today....

we had a moment of silence at 12:00 today, everyone was sitting in their desks and we were all really quiet, it was intense...

the the principal accidentally turned the pa off and we all had a good laugh.

since i live in va (two hours from blacksburg) we all wore hokie colors today. and it was weird, 'cause usually i don't do stuff like that, but it really went beyond being a slave to the media or goverment machine. this man destroyed the hopes and dreams of over thirty people, he took away their life, and i wanted to support and honor those people who had died.

i'm irritated with my friend right now and i don't know why. probably because my aunt's come for a visit and sometimes i get really irritable when she's around. so, i'm going to avoid her and try not to snap at her.

sat around in gym class today 'cause i didn't feel like dressing out. it's gonna kill my grade, but it's pe, i don't give a fuck. sat with L, 'cause she screwed up her knee over spring break and can't do anything. it was fun. we sat and talked and i basically filled out a questionaire that one of the girls of yearbook had handed her. then i helped run lines, with a little conversation in between. she's so cute. the funny thing is, we both know, and i like that she knows, because it gives me permission to flirt all i want to, but i don't like it, because we both know it won't go anywhere.


OOOOH!!!! i'm going to FUCKING KILL the admin. at my school! i know i probably shouldn't be making that threat, given this week's events, but GOD! they piss me off. we have a room in our school for home ec, that's a lovely living room with wonderful, beautiful furniture that would be great for our play. we used it on....wednesday and everything was fine. the principla comes in yesterday and tells miz b we can only use it the last week of rehearsal. we were pretty pissed, but we would be able to work with it. then TODAY, the principal calls miz b out during lunch, takes her down to mrs. mack (home ec teacher)'s room and then proceeds to chew out mrs. mack in front of her class and miz b. she (the principal) then forbids miz b from using the furniture until opening night, or maybe not even then. she made miz b cry she was so vicious.

i swear, i almost tackled the four-foot bitch (a word i don't use lightly) in the hall when i saw her. L, one of the sweetest girls i know said to me, "i couldn't believe she had the gall to tap my shoulders and say 'hey' when she knew full well i was part of the drama dept." she was pissed. i was fucking furious. i almost killed her, i swear i almost killed her.

because no one cares about the drama dept. they care about band, and beta, and athletics, and deca, and stuff like that. but god forbid the drama dept. be allowed to use the meager things we are given. do they not realize that if our performance props and backgrounds and stage look crappy, it reflects on them? do they not realize that if their drama dept. looks crappy, they'll look crappy. the other school performances are out of this world. one of the other schools did high school musical and stuff like that.


my rant is now over.


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My school in south western

My school in south western Ontario also wore hokie colors it helps that one of our school colors is orange but the number of people who actualy wore the colors was cool.

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yeah, our drama department

yeah, our drama department is huge, and a big pride at our school, so we dont tend to have that problem. im so sorry that happened, your principal sounds like an ass x 236545234

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