Break, Blow, Burn: Day Five

Andrew Marvell - To His Coy Mistress

Nothing like a good "carpe diem" booty call. Obviously the carpe diem "seize the day" stuff is well-known to anyone who, like me, fell in love with Dead Poet's Society and the like, which heaviy leaned on the carpe diem notion.

In this poem, Marvell slowly builds his case for sex. At first, he reinforces how long he would, given an unlimited amount of time, spend discovering the intricacies of his mistress. But, he is quick to point out in the second part, time is limited. Their youth will wither, and death awaits.

Finally, having set his argument up like a finely-tuned legal debate, they should embrace the quick beat of life, the forgone conclusion of time, and consummate their relationship.

Aside from a brief hint of anti-Semitism, this is a lovely poem, on a theme that I've always embraced. There is only now. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, and eventually everyone hits a point of no more tomorrows.

Good stuff, and so nice to finally hit a one-poem day.


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I read this piece

It's beautiful and everything.
The "brief hint of Anti-Semitism" sucks tho. Basically he says he's going to love this chick until "the conversion of the Jews". I looked this up, and apparently there was/is a belief that right before the end of the world (the Apocalypse) all the Jews are going to become Christian/Catholic. I realize that the piece was written in the 1600's, the author was a British Puritan, and Jews were basically hated and opressed in England at the time... but that's no excuse :-S I'm a Jew and so are most of my friends and ex's. So many Jewish girls are HOT (and i'm not excluding myself from that. heehee)