Building a Religion.....

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Nothing, I've been doing absolutely nothing for ages it feels like. I haven't accomplished anything and I've been more caught up in dorm drama than I ever want to be again.

My school politics are constantly shifting and I've been thinking a lot about the queer community on campus of which I am not so much a part.
When I started school, and right before I started school, I was really excited about getting involved with the campus programs out there for queer students--but in the end I didn't have time because of work and classes.

What I have observed from afar isn't pretty. There seems to be one centralized pack within the queer community that makes all of the decisions and runs the gsa--and those of us who are not a part of it are often marginalized and almost completely ostracized from our fellow queers who are. It's strange and it's cliquely and given the size of my school it's almost downright incestuous--the dating scene.

I know of one other lesbian who runs independently of the pack, she's lovely and an upper classman, and honestly the only one of them who hasn't looked at me as though I'm not only wasting their time but the oxygen they could be breathing--I'm wasting their precious air!

Of the three other girls in my hall that identify as something other than hetero, one of them ran off on me and got married, another is primarily into men, and the third is having mixed feelings. Pretty much everyone I hang around is almost exclusively heterosexual, I'm like their large warm dykey mascot.

I'm becoming frustrated and I'm started to get damn lonely.
I want to have a conversation that doesn't end up degenerating into a discussion of what male actor is Teh Hot or about boyfriends who are miles away.


Maybe I should just look into a damn online relationship


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Oh yeah

The gay scene can be pretty bad at times. You don't have to be a part of it if its run by wankers And if there's no good dating material at school there are many other places

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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Hey you... COME HOME doing nothing here is impossible... lovce ya babe...Online relation ships are fun, but i think you need to relax for a moment and have some fun when you get back. I know its hard, i am trying to get out there too but it is extremely annoying when i see the couples and i just get over my head and give up.

please be happy if you get lonely call me. or im me i will start getting on msn for you again.

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Why would a group of people

Why would a group of people that are for equal rights and treatment be so mean and cliquey? I can't believe them. I'm sorry about the whole dilemma, but maybe things will look up soon.

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD