complete lack of a gay community

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so, i'm kind of in need of help. i don't know how other high schools are, but there's only about 3 (myself included) openly gay guys at my school of around 1500 kids, and none of us can really get along entirely well. there's just this complete lack of a gay community here.

all of my friends are straight, and i don't think any of them truly understand what i go through so it leaves me in the dark whenever i want to be able to connect with someone, which is something i really desire-- to be able to know i'm not the only one.

our school has a very lame excuse for a GSA as well-- it's called Diversity Club (no doubt an euphemism, since our principal didn't want 'Gay' to be anywhere in the name) and i think either it scares away closeted kids (we do tend to have very frightening meetings sometimes; a lot of our members are pretty weird, to be polite) or they never get to hear about it since we don't have a voice at all in the school. get this: our school didn't even get to participate in day of silence because the officers didn't do anything about it.

so is there any advice you guys can give? i know i should probably do something with the club, but it would have to wait till next school year since this one is almost at an end. but i also do cross country in the fall and track in the spring, and it feels like i'm the only one who can get this thing going, although it's hard to balance sports and clubs and homework.

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My school is smaller and we

My school is smaller and we got the same problem I know what its like... we dont even got a GSA it's pathetic

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My school blows too

My school doesn't have a GSA probably because I live in a white hick town. Theres one or two openly gay people in my school along with a couple of bisexual girls.

Maybe you could advertise the club and ensure to closets that its 100% private. Make it closed doors, you know so people are not too scared to go to it.

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I hear that.

I hear that.

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Has the staff of your school

Has the staff of your school undergone sensitvity training? that helps make things better for the gsa. talk to the support staff (counseling center) to see what they would help you do gotta start somewhere....

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well schools in the UK dont have GSAs and i was the only out gay person in school. your best bet is to either

1. join groups/ network out of school. if another school has a big GSA which does social outings ask if you can go along. join an LGBT youth group something like that.

2. just be happy to be yourself and get along with your straight friends. i know it is easier said than done but friends can offer infinate support even if they arent gay.

--i used to be a tomboy, now im a full grown lesbian--

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