"damn you. frickin teacher's smart"...

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...that is my friend. she's playing "The Classroom". it's a game. well DUH ariel. what else would she be doing. haha well there are other things she could be doing if she said that...but its funny. she's frustrated. && i'm just laughing at her.

"frickin teacher how can she see that far. she's old"
"fuck this game is hard"
"i believe i can find. if this idiot just sits next to me then it'd be much easier"

Lol. i'm on the phone with her and she's playing the game @ addictinggames.com. she's really frustrated and it's just swearing galore :D...& all i'm doing is laughing at her. so sad.

today was an ok day. i had periods 3, 5, and 1. yeahs i know. weird schedule. so it was chemistry, english, and then photography. classes went pretty fine. we have a new girl for chemistry...she seemed pretty smart. she was caught in a litto discussion with our teacher about the war and all that fun stuff.

i saw the girl that i was caught looking at yesterday. i guess she's the office monitor 'cause she just came in to give a pass to my teacher. she didn't look as good as yesterday lol. XD. i was a litto focused on one of my friends, Sarah that sits next to me in class. she's a swimmer and on the water polo team. i love her body. i'm not attracted to her or anything...i just wished i had her body!

i'm planning to go running this weekend. sat & sun. it'd probably be after my lesson on sat though. my partner asked if i could drive first on the freeway 'cause she's not ready yet. OMG should i be scared? lol. nah but i told her she'd be fine and she'd have to do it anyways. but just to make her happy i told her i'd drive first...plus i want to drive lol.

gosh. ever since i've become unemployed. i'm starting to become lazy :( and it's sad. i need a JOB!!!!

XD. i was talking with my friend, Aja after school today and this girl, Jessica who was on the trip to France that she went to over spring break came over to talk and when she was about to leave, she goes "free hug?" and then Aja goes "sure" and they hug.

Me...i'm standing there like O_O. wow. this is how the convo went after Jessica left:

Me; "damn i wish all girls were like that"
Aja; *laughing* "well guys are like that, they always hug people"
Me; "yeah but i wouldn't want one from them"
Aja; "i would!!"
Me; *laugh* "if a guy wants to hug me, i'd be like 'uh sorry i don't want a hug from you, but maybe your girlfriend'"
Aja; =O *laughs* "that's so dirty but funny"

...we were demonstrating how it'd go and lol. funnie.

:/...hmmm...lemme see. i swear. it's funnie when you have me & my friends together. if ever anyone would pass by when we were discussing something, you'd think that we were all sex crazy, weird, and more weird lol. but it's just stupid how people think that i'm "with" them. yeah we have our litto funnie INTENTIONAL flirty moments when we're trying to be funnie...also our litto funnie glances and such. but damn it's called HAVING FUN. hehe. i lovee' it!!

i did something i wasn't supposed to do. i cut this morning. my grandma made me irritated and i'm already frustrated as it is. so i broke down and cried. then i cut. && stupid me...did it somewhere noticeable. two cuts on my left arm close to my elbow. really noticeable. really stupid. but whatever it's done.

...i need an answer if anyone would care to share their opinion with me. this is the situation.

the guy that i told i would give him one date with wants to go out and have the date tomorrow. i'm debating whether i should just get it done already or not. i know i should so i can just get it out of the way, but idk.



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I played that game once...

I played that game once... it was hard. No teacher is actually that perceptive, right?

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.