Did you fall from heaven? 'Cause your heads kinda lumpy...

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Hello Lovelies!
I havent written an ACTUAL entry in a while.
Miss me?
Not much to miss, except my eccentricness.
I totally finished "Hit By A Farm"
The first day it arrived.
But, I've been a little busy with teh schoolwork and my upcoming birthday (april 14thh). Im pretty much gonna lose all of my inhibitions with my friends all night..bout it.
I'll get around to writing the review in a day or two.
Twas a good boook, in my book at least.
oh snap.
that was nifty.
Well, hicktowns arent the breeding sites of gay men, but,
there is this one realllyyy cute guy.
he's gay.
hes older.
and wayy cool.
im gonna likeee...kidnap him.
maybe nottt...
maybe i should talk to him.