Different view points don't know what to say anymore.

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I'm in a bit of a difficult positition with my family and everything and my mom wants to go see a shrink for her self due to her beliefs that I was "Brain washed" and we have a hard time seeing each others view points and the like. I was in a short local but long distance (in the same city but never seen each other) relationship which just didn't work and we wanted to continue to be friends since I have no true GLBT friends, And while we were trying to see where this would go his mom had gotten ill with kidney & gal stones and had to have surgery, and he got busy with that and tennis which pushed me off to the side and I was calling his phone 20-30x an hour sometimes just looking for answers... and then I finally saw him for the first time everything went well. Due to some test results that the hemotologist called my mom with I was a bit bothered with but he seemed to be sympathetic, I was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis a life long iron overload disorder. It didnt sink in until the next morning when everything seemed a bit bleak and I was a bit upset. Left him a couple messages on his voicemail the next evening while he was at tennis practice about everything going on with my health. and We both ushually shut our phones off when we go to sleep. Well he called that night and just kinda took a big blow and said he didn't think we would work and everything. But after he said he to think about shit the weekend before kind of just left me with that feeling that it would come to that. But a few days before that my mom had been a pain and decided to log onto Cingular and check the most recent stuff for my line on our shared plan.... and then belew up on me... about the many calls I had made to his phone even though they were mobile to mobile and all the text messages we had exchanged. I just sat there and stared at her and ignored her and continued and started sending some emails.

Sorry for it being so out of order but I will get onto subject. Now I don't know and my mom sent me an email saying to stop sending emails and calling and stuff. forwarded it to him saying I don't know and then she says I can't talk to him until she gets help. Even though we are no longer trying to be romantic and just want to be friends.