Dine out for Life

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Hey everyone! Hyacinthus here again and I just wanted to make sure you all know about Dine out for Life. Dine out for Life is an event held in restaraunts around the country where a percentage of the revenue from a single night (either the 25th, 26th, or 27th of April depending on your city) is donated towards AIDS relief. So I encourage you all to go out and support this wonderful cause because it's so simple to do! I mean all you have to do is go out to dinner! How simple is that? : D Anyhoo you can find out all the information you need on their website http://www.diningoutforlife.com

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if prom weren't taking all my moolah, i'd check it out...

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thats a cool idea they

thats a cool idea they should start that in britain.

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