Draft One is Done!!!! (hey I rhymed)

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My first draft of Scion's Blood is finally done. Now it goes off to my First Readers for critiquing. As if that wasn't exciting enough, I got my ISBN assingnments today, which means my publishing company, Glynworks Publishing, is officially open for business. Right now I'm its only author, but I hope one day to use it to publish works by other GLBT Sci-Fi/ Fantasy/Horror authors.

Okay, normally I would babble more, but I'm tired, so I'll just say Yay!!!!!!!

Nitey nite..


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congratulations, how long

congratulations, how long did it take you to produce the first draft?

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About eight months - just

About eight months - just about the same amount of time it took me to get book one's first draft done.

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Snazz...simply snazz.

You're doing great...keep up zie hard work, buster brown.

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YAY!!!!!!! *jumps for joy

YAY!!!!!!! *jumps for joy while clapping hands* How cool!

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Woot woot!!!

Thats great!!

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Wow!! Good for

Wow!! Good for you!!
*huggles 4 teh success*

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