DRAMA! The Four Dorothys: Book Review

By dykehalo

Filled with mystery and drama, the book "DRAMA! The Four Dorothys" by Paul Rudis is a decent book.

Orion Academy, a high school for rich kids in Malibu, is putting on its annual spring play. Normally, everything goes off without a hitch but this year's spring musical is different. For starters, it's the Wizard of Oz, a play usual done in middle or grade school. Forced to perform the play for only one night and having to combine four grade levels, each with their own stars, makes for a whole lot of drama when they decided to have four Dorothys.

Strange events occur, and the Dorothys begin to drop like flies. The mystery begins after the second Dorothy drops out of the play. The question "Who or what is behind the disappearing Dorothys?" is solved and wrapped up within the last three chapters. Although the ending is pretty predictable, the plot makes for a great story that is very well written. The plot is not so off-the-wall wacky that you believe it could never happen. With references to the musical Wicked, and shows like Project Runway, Gilmore Girls and CSI, it's up to date with today's teens.

The novel starts off really, really slowly; it takes more than 100 pages to get to the main story. In the very beginning, it has a lot of description about things I didn't really find all that important.
If you're looking for a book with a lot of gayness to it, this is definitely not the book for you unless half a dozen references to the narrator being gay will fill your gay quota. But for the drama geeks out there this may just be the series you're looking for.

The characters are diverse and more than likely there's someone you can relate to. There's Heather, the girl who's younger sister will always be better, so she's a psychotic bitch. Suze is the creative, funky clothing designer. Bryan, the narrator of the story, is gay and trapped in the middle of this drama. Hope is the gothic girl with a splash of color and quirkiness. Cynthia is the slut, but a lucky slut we don't learn much about. Then there are the soccer gods Eric and Drew who are best buds and your typical teenage guys. I related more to Sam the girl who fits in but yet doesn't and who is the underdog of the story.

It was a good book, but didn't take me on much of an emotional journey. It went from thing to thing not really getting my emotions into the story or characters. Everyone could have died and I wouldn't have felt anything. There were many details about the characters that the reader was told, but there was really no bond formed like other books I've read.

If I had to go back and read it again, I probably would. But I wouldn't put it at the top of my book list. I am interested and look forward to see where this series goes.