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So I mentioned a while back a beautiful foreign exchange student who looked like Emily Haines [or at least had her vagueness]. This morning we smiled at eachother and I just about melted, and then at lunch we were in the same vecinity of friends so I briefly talked to her.

It wasn't a full on conversation by any means, I just asked her if she knew who Emily Haines was. [C had asked her before, and she said "No" so I already knew the anwer but whatever.] I told her that she was the lead singer for the band Metric and also had some really good solo stuff. She asked: "What's the name again?" "Emily Haines." She nods and I say "And she's awesome, so it's definetely a good thing you look like her." She says : "Well, thank you!"

The Germans are so polite. Needless to say, I was thrilled. She is seriously gorgeous; tall, lean, beautiful blue eyes, and she has the essence of Emily Haines. Too bad she doesn't live in the US. And isn't gay [as far as I know.]

What's neat, is that I could go and tell C, Y, and S about the experience and they knew how stoked I was. [I love being out! It's like straight girls running and telling about experiences with straight guys!] C was especially happy for me, actually. She was all stoked to hear my story and texted me later saying "Yay for interaction with Emily Haines german!"

Wonderful use of an entry, self. Keeping tabs on beautiful girls I encounter.


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I didn't care for Emily Haines, at least solo. I saw her play at a tiny little club down the street from my apartment in SF recently. I left early. Not familiar with Metric, though.


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I can see why people wouldn't like it, but I love it. I think she's quite the musician with lyrics and [duh] music. But her solo stuff is slow and even though I don't see it this way, some may see it boring. I love her style though, so... yeah.

I saw her play in Los Angeles, and I think she's better live than on the record. I was right up front and about died. I also threw a card on stage and made a big ass out of myself, because no one on stage saw it. So I had to go back up after the encore and actually hand it to her [which triggered my bladder to release all urine with excitement.]

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Ahaha, nice. XD Hey, it's

Ahaha, nice. XD
Hey, it's good that your friend was so happy for you (this is the same one with the beach house and the irresistability, yes?)! and supportive! Good stuff. :D
There are two exchange students from Germany at my school this year, too, so polite! We get a lot of kids on exchange every year, and the two kids from Germany are some of the most friendly and just all around nice people I have ever met.
A friend of mine is really into Metric - should give it a listen sometime. Hmmm. :)

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Yes, that's the same friend!

Yes, that's the same friend! [haha the "irresistability"].

Yeah every year our German 3 students do the exchange with about 20+ Germans. They come here and then they go there. I wish I did German, just for that.

Metric's awesome. Very energetic.

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nice one

Aw yay for talking to hot foreign emily haines girl! Hope ya get the chance to talk to her again! Hehe your friend is sweet.

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thats so cool

yay for having the guts to go talk to her,and for your friends being so cool!!

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Haha, I once went to

Haha, I once went to Holland, and the women there were Gorgeous.... Germany is near Holland. I imagine they're pretty hot too.

... Eurpoeans are so much prettier than Americans.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Good for you for talking to random hot girls. Fuckin A! Emily Haines... not bad, not bad (btw there was a huge pic of her today on the front page of the Arts section of the National Post) Shame that Little Miss Deutchland is totally clueless and has no idea who Emily is. A good lesbian would know about sexy female rockers. Even tho not every lez will show up on your gaydar, especially if you barely know them and they're all femmie (like me), you're prolly right that she is het. Ahhh, straight girls... welcome to one of the suckiest parts of being a dyke, it's called "wanting something you can't have." Look in the mirror, smile pretty, and repeat "I LOVE being gay!!!" 10 times. That should do it. XD

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Well, turns out the Emily Haines look-alike [ahahaha "Miss Deutchland" struck me funny] does know Metric, but didn't know Emily Haines. I messaged her on myspace [convenient that I know kids on the exchange] and sent her a picture and stuff. And she thanked me etc. It was cool.
Oh, believe me, she's hot. And femmie, as you say.
I do love being gay =] It'll be even better when I actually get to apply it to a relationship!