food fair day

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God bless tri-tip sandwiches. Food fair at school means me raving for a tri-tip sandwich. And then I washed it down with a rootbeer float. Mmm.

Our school always goes to the trouble to get a band to play on the stage in our quad while the food-fair buzzes in front of them. Normally, the bands such but today they had a good sound and were put together. Their girl guitarist was a cutie-pie too, and I'm pretty sure she was gay, so it was a two thumbs up. I wanted to talk to her, but I never got the chance; she was always on stage.

The Germans leave tomorrow, which means Emily Haines look-alike will not be gracing our school with her undeniable beauty and longer. Sad. My friend is really bummed their leaving [she was part of the exchange.] She had grown close to a few, and formed a crush on one of the boys. Poor girl. So tomorrow Y, C, and I are functioning as her support group with pizza and pie.

My english class began reading Catcher in the Rye yesterday. So far only chapters 1-3, and I very much enjoy it. It's like he's just shooting the shit with the reader, which makes for a more enjoyable read. I think if I were to write a book it would come off in the same style, with the same amount of cussing and sarcasm [maybe a pinch more. I cuss a lot and people sometimes have trouble differentiating my sarcasm from seriousness.]

Hooray for South of Nowhere tonight! Even if it's not a new episode!