For those athiests out there:

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Would you be a Christian (or Jewish, Muslim or any similar religion) if you weren't GLBT? Do you feel as if you would be able to find faith if religious zealots (not necessarily their religious texts) didn't condemn homosexuality?

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i don't think so. None of my family is particularly religious, and I always had qualms about there being a god, even before I realized I was gay.

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Well technically, I'm both a

Well technically, I'm both a Christian (Methodist) and a Buddhist. I find both religions rather stupid, but I go to temples and stuff and participate in Buddhist ceremonies, because it's more of a culture thing than a religious thing.

My own personal beliefs are a bit less clear though. Sometimes I believe in God, but most times I can't bring myself to. I very much believe in the whole Buddhist 'be a good person' thing though.

Sorry for kind of going off on a tangent, there...

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nope. absolutely not. i

nope. absolutely not. i became an atheist before *albeit only by a bit
i realised im gay.
i just dont believe in it, and dont feel a need to, even though i used to be very religious.

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I've never been religious.

I've never been religious. Ironic, since I've been going to Catholic schools all my life.

But even if I was straight I don't think that'd make me a more religiously inclined person. Yes, the anti-gay aspects of most religions really bother me, but even if I was straight I'd still (hopefully) have issues with the bias and discrimination found in the religions.

Plus. I find the idea of some big guy/girl/it in the sky, having the power to fuck around with my life rather annoying =]
Also kinda silly, no offence to those who do believe.

Actually. I respect people that can truely believe in their religion. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to put so much faith in something.
Sad. Hehe.

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I've been an athiest since I was about 9, albeit a very religious one.

My mum is afraid I'm going to get religion and covert. I'm obsessed with religion, religious figures and mysticism. I'd be a terrifying convert. I'm already bad enough when I think I'm right, but with God on my side I'd be insufferable. I could preach brimstone fantastically.

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My religion or lack their of

My religion or lack their of has nothing to do with me being lesbian. Before i figured myself out i truly wasn't into any religion.. I believe there's a higher power but i don't know if it's god.

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Being straight wouldnt make me think God is worth worshiping. Interesting idea though

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well, as much as being gay

well, as much as being gay just increases my argument for why im not christian, ive had doubts about god since nursury school. i was never much of one for blind faith, so i dont think so, i might have a bit more trouble letting go of religion, but in hte end i think it'd turn out the same

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This is probably just repeating what people have already said...

...but being gay doesn't really have anything to do with my lack of a religion. I just never found a religion that fits me. I certainly don't like it when religious people beat up on gay people, but that doesn't cause me to reject the religion itself.

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If anything...

It probably would have just taken me longer to disavow organized religion, but find spirituality beyond that. Organized religion being so bad about sexuality just sped things along.


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No, I'm the biggest skeptic

No, I'm the biggest skeptic in the world.

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I was athiests before I relized I was gay. My religion has nothing to do with me being gay.

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i'm not sure. being gay's

i'm not sure. being gay's one of the deciding factors, but it really had to do more with my mother's illness and subsequent death.

even if i weren't gay, by this point, if things had followed the same path, i would still probably not be religious...

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I don't think I would believe in god even if I was straight.Being gay wasn't actually something that influenced it to a great extent.

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I'd more likely be Christian

I was raised as a casual Presbyterian (Sunday School fuuuun) and then moved around a lot so it got to be even more casual (read: barely monthly reminder to 'say your prayers'). Around 10 I put some serious doubt into the Bible and now I'm a closet atheist, although I literally have to mentally say my prayers at night or else I won't fall asleep for HOURS.

Homo-hating zealots out there make me feel a bit more at ease about being an Atheist, especially when what some of them say work against other quotes in the Bible or religious texts. If I were straight, I'd probably be way more ignorant of GLBT problems and I bet I would've gone into Sunday School teaching or regularish church attendance.

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Not me. I just don't

Not me. I just don't believe. It has nothing to do with my being gay. If I did believe, I'd find a church that did accept me. There are some out there. My favorites are the Unitarian Universalists. They love everybody. :)

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Amen to that!

!! I love UUs. My mom is a UU minister. I'm a UU. We do love everyone (except Republicans sometimes...). But, you know, UUs really aren't very christian.

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Doesn't the Unitarian

Doesn't the Unitarian Universalist church allow/condone pot usage?

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I don't know about the offical church stance... but, UUs are probably the most liberal people you're going to encounter... So, a good portion of them are going to support the legalization of marijuana.


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I know I wouldn't.

I'm agnostic, not athiest, but it's really the same story. My sexuality has nothing to with my religion. I'm agnostic because I see no validation behind any organized religion. Not because an organized religion doesn't like me. I was agnostic from the day I was born, far before I had any idea about my sexuality.