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Hello all,

I am saddened to announce that, despite the best efforts of some of us, we did not receive enough material to move ahead with the Gay Like Me Project. We received 26 unique submissions. Half of those were poems, and the prose pieces were, with a couple of exceptions, only one to two pages long. It simply was not enough to put a book together. We began to hunt through the archives, hoping to find enough material to make it work, but it just didn't work out.

I want to thank my three editiors and helpers, Whateversexual_llama, Commander147 and The Mouse That Roared. They really stepped up to the plate. I want to also thank everyone that really put the time and effort into their pieces. If there had been more of you, I'm convinced that this project would have been successful.

I have to say, I feel let down. Given the huge response that the original posting received, I thought certain that we would have more material than we knew what to do with. But of those who volunteered, only a small percentage actually followed through with a real, well thought out piece, or any piece at all. I would have prefered that people simply not volunteer at all than to make promises that they were not willing to keep.

The Gay Like Me forum will remain up. Anyone who writes a piece that they think fits the theme of the project, I encourage you to post it there. Perhaps one day there will be enough material there to pick the project back up again. I hope those of you who write will continue to write. If you need help or advice, I'm always happy to offer whatever I can.

Thanks again all of you who met the challenge (you know who you are). You should be very proud of your effort, even though the project did not ultimately come to fruition.

Take care,

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Well that stinks... but

Well that stinks... but hopefullly one day if we just continue to collect things....

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I'd just like to tell

I'd just like to tell everyone who said that they were excited about the project, everyone who volenteered to do something and didn't, and everyone who said they would write but didn't (I know there's a lot of you), that I am very dissapointed. Anyone can say they want to do something, but if you don't put forth the effort... well, I don't think that really says much about you, does it?

I'd like to draw attention to one of Jeff's recent posts about moving Oasis to a self-running site. How many of you were excited and said you'd just love to help out?

Yeah, plenty of you. Seems peachy, right? Well, I'd like to say that if the GLM project was any indicator about what our excitement about a project means... well, I hope none of you liked Oasis that much.

Okay, I know, that's a bit extreme. But you guys are going to have to learn to do a little bit more than be excited. Seriously.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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I totaly agree! I submitted

I totaly agree! I submitted a piece and said i might submit other things but i made sure it was clear it wasn't a promise because i was soo busy. But i'm soo mad that people said they'd submit 1 or more things and submitted zip zero nothing.

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Well that sucks :-( Do you

Well that sucks :-( Do you think maybe that you could put up the stuff on oasis so that we could just see the final versions of what people submitted, so it doesn't all go to waste?

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I wrote something but I got

I wrote something but I got all self-conscious and never submitted it. Lame I know. I write journals all of the time but this seemed different... And plus, the situation kept changing which was making it confusing to write...

Yeah I stink at excuses. I'm sorry. D: I feel all bad now. :(

Maybe, we could keep collecting stories and stuff, and promote it some more. Because I really do want to see this book out there. I have some art I could submit, if I can find a scanner I can use. And I'll try to write something and actually work up the guts to submit it. That is, if there's still any chance of the book coming out.

Sorry again...

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Instead of publishing a book

Instead of publishing a book make a little pdf that people can download :)

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I could make mine longer.